Don’t miss: 5 Oscar-nominated films 2023 you can watch on Netflix

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Don’t miss them: 5 Oscar-nominated films 2023 you can watch on Netflix – Special (Netflix)

Within the Netflix catalog we can find movies of enormous quality, including productions that have been recognized by the Hollywood Academy by obtaining Oscar nominations, and now that the nominees for 2023 have been announced, you should know that this service has many of the titles than attend the upcoming ceremony of these awards.

We are in a great time for the marathon with Oscar nominated films 2020 that Netflix offers, as we must not forget that the next ceremony of these awards will take place on March 12th, so, so that you are fully prepared for the aforementioned awards night, here we show you the 5 nominated films not to be missed.

“No news at the front”

There is no doubt that ‘Sin Novedad En El Frente’ is the big surprise, since it is a title that will participate in 9 categories, becoming the production with the most nominations this year, without a doubt, one of the 2023 Oscar nominated movies on Netflix you need to watcha film that tells a story set in the First World War, centered on a young German soldier who quickly discovers firsthand the harshness of this war.

“Glass Onion: A Knife-Shot Mystery”

With an outstanding cast led by Daniel Craig, ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’ is another of the Oscar nominated movies 2023 to watch on Netflixa production with a gripping storyline that combines drama and comedy in a great way, since in this title we can see Detective Benoit Blanc again as part of a curious and entertaining investigation.

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‘Rubia’ is one of the most criticized productions of 2022, but Ana de Armas’ performance makes it one of the Oscar nominated movies 2023 to watch on Netflixa production showing a plot inspired by the story of Marilyn Monroe, one of the biggest stars in Hollywood history, whose death still continues to present several mysteries.

‘Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro’

In the field of animation, the big favorite is ‘Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro’, a film that strongly raises its hand for Netflix at the upcoming Hollywood Academy Awards, as this title has garnered applause by presenting a plot that departs from the adaptation of this story made by Disney in the 1940s, presenting a darker and more adult story.

“Our Baby Elephant”

Similarly, another title that will compete for the next Academy Awards is ‘Our Baby Elephant’, a film that you can watch in the company of the whole family, as it is an entertaining documentary production lasting only 40 minutes, which tells the story of a South Indian couple who dedicate their lives to the care of a small orphaned elephant with whom they form an important bond.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix