The Worst Comedy Movies to Avoid on Netflix

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The Lowest Rated Comedy Movies You Should Avoid on Netflix – Netflix (Courtesy)

There is no doubt that not everything that comes out in theaters can or should be a masterpiece. Not at all, however, there are many comedy films that have decided not to take themselves seriously, but the result has been so unpleasant that they have achieved the opposite of what they set out to do. According to IMDb, these are the titles to avoid at all costs in the Netflix catalog.

‘Hunting with Dad’ is one of the worst comedies you can find on Netflix, according to portal users. It is a title directed by Jody Hill and starring Josh Brolin alongside Danny McBride, in which it follows a hunter and a photographer who are looking for their youngest son. Unfortunately, this tape has a rating of 2.

Game over, man!

Similarly, Kyle Newacheck presented ‘Game Over, Man!’ one of Worst comedies on Netflix. Starring Adam DeVine and Anders Holm, the story follows three friends who want to become heroes when criminals show up at a party full of Hollywood stars. It got a bad rating of 3 out of 10.

worst week

Unfortunately that won’t be the last time Adam Sandler appears on the list. ‘Worst Week’ is one of funny movies to avoid on Netflix. This is a film directed by Robert Smigel, also starring Chris Rock and Steve Buscemi, in which we follow two totally different fathers who have to join forces to celebrate their children’s wedding. Note of 2.

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The ridiculous 6

As we have warned, Adam Sandler appears again on the list, this time accompanied by Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider, Terry Crews and others. ‘The Ridiculous 6’ is a Western comedy directed by Frank Coraci featuring Tommy and his 5 brothers whom he has just met, to save their father. Rating 3. Available on Netflix.

A California Christmas

This American romantic comedy is a Netflix Original Movie, which barely has a 4 out of 10 rating. The story is directed by Shan Paul Piccinino and stars Lorynn York, Josh Swickard, among others. The story follows a rich man who poses as a laborer so that a farmer will sell his land before Christmas.

Love Marriage. Random.

And finally the titles that you should avoid by all means, there is ‘Love. Wedding. Random’, a romantic comedy directed by Dean Craig and starring Eleanor Tomlinson alongside Olivia Munn and Sam Claflin. The story follows a girl who is about to get married, but on the day of the event, she discovers several things that could set everything back.

By Jorge Ruiz

Source: Nacion Flix