‘Shrinking’ Creator Admits He Was ‘Prepared’ For Harrison Ford To Turn Down His (Exclusive) Role

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movie legend Harrison FordAt 80, he returns to the small screen in the upcoming Apple TV+ comedy series, contraction. Harrison plays Dr. Paul Rhodes, who takes issue with the unethical treatment tactics employed by his protégé Jimmy Laird (jason segel). On the red carpet of the show’s New York premiere on Jan. 24, the creator Lawrence54 said hollywood life EXCLUSIVELY how she bravely asked Harrison to star in the show, hoping he would Star Wars alum would respectfully decline the offer.

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford in ‘Shrink’ (Photo: Apple TV+)

“I’m not afraid of them saying no. My heart doesn’t hurt that much,” said Bill, who created stain and co-created Ted Arc. I did it long enough to catch up. [Harrison]I asked him about doing the show. I said, ‘Hey, wanna read this script I wrote with some guys?’ He says, ‘Yeah, I’ll read it.’”

Bill revealed that he was in Miami working on a different show, the upcoming drama series Bad monkey, when she got a call from Harrison. “I wasn’t prepared for anything else,” Bill admitted. But Harrison’s response absolutely shocked the famed television producer and director.

Bill Lawrence created the Apple TV+ series ‘Shrinking’ (Photo: Stewart Cook/Shutterstock)

“He actually said, ‘Hey, the script is really good. I don’t really like the pilot. Am I in the next more? Bill revealed. The Emmy winner admitted he had “nothing” prepared for Harrison’s desire for a bigger role in the comedy series, but of course he caved. Indiana Jones actor at the time.

“I’m like, ‘Dude, this is who you want to be next time,'” said Bill. He also told us about Harrison’s casting: “I was very lucky. Don’t be afraid of no.”

Bill co-created contraction with Jason Segel e tight bow Emmy winner Brett Goldstein. Zach Braff directed the eighth episode. The series premieres on Friday, January 27, and follows a therapist named Jimmy who takes a completely different approach to work while dealing with the death of his wife. Jimmy must deal with the consequences of his actions affecting his patients as he tries to form a better bond with his daughter, Alice. The cast also includes Bill’s wife, Christ Millerwith michael urie, Luca Tenni, lukita maxwellY jessica williams.

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Source: Hollywood Life