He drove Russians crazy: what happened to the Turkish heartthrob Tarkan (photo)

He drove Russians crazy: what happened to the Turkish heartthrob Tarkan (photo)

It’s hard to believe that the artist is already 50.

Singer Tarkan was known as the king of shocks in the early 2000s. He was criticized for an overly intimate presentation of songs and candid clips. But it was this trick that made the Turk the world star.

The hot brunette created a wow effect with every appearance. The Russians were especially fond of the Turkish macho. Tickets for his concerts sold out within hours. In 2006, his song Dudu became the song of the year in the country.

Both the first models and crowds of screaming female fans curled around the handsome man. However, he remained faithful to the only beloved woman in his life – Pinar Dilek, with whom he made his wife. Today, the couple is raising their daughter Leah and is very happy, writes WMJ.ru.

At 50, Tarkan looks fantastic. There is not a single gray hair on his head, only wrinkles slightly touched the eye area. The singer has grown a brutal beard and has maintained an excellent physical shape. He still gives concerts, but is much busier with his family and a new hobby – the artist moved to the outskirts of Istanbul and got a garden there.

Screenshot “Tarkan” / Social networks

Photo source: Legion-Media

Writer: Anna Pavlova

Source: Popcorn News

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