“Call the lawyers”: Meghan Markle put Charles III’s entourage on her ears with one act

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The monarch is in turmoil looking for protection.

An upcoming Netflix film about the Sussexes threatens to permanently damage the reputation of Charles III and his retinue. The king has probably already lost the battle for public opinion, but still intends to keep the rebellious couple in check.

It is possible that Her Majesty will hire an army of lawyers to protect her good name, says the author of the blog “The British Royal Family” Stasya Isakova. Megan and Harry tried to make the band look bright and emotional. It is not yet known exactly what statements the dukes will make, but Charles III is keeping his finger on the pulse to punish his son for big words immediately after the premiere.

“They became more emotional. They’re already waiting for Meghan and Harry to say nothing good about being in the royal family, but here everything is served with such drama, forcing. Experiences have increased and maybe they will call lawyers to refute the words that will be said there, ”the expert frankly admitted in an interview with PopCornNews.

Photo source: Legion Media

Author: Anna Pavlova Olga Sobko

Source: Popcorn News