Victoria Federica, concerned about her disappearance

Where is it Federica victory? ANDThat is the question of the 224,000 followers he collects on Instagram and who follow his steps every day. The influencer has stopped uploading content to her official profile, something that is strange to say the least for someone as active in the 2.0 universe as she is. For this reason, alarm calls have spread, as it leads to strange behavior. All this in the midst of an intricate family panorama following the latest events that have transpired.

The latest that is known about her is that she traveled to the United Arab Emirates late last week. Nor was it a confirmed fact, but rather an assumption after the image she published, mounted on a private jet and featuring hearts in the colors of the flag of Abu Dhabi, exactly where her grandfather, the King Emeritus, resides. This was one of the main hypotheses raised to comment on the reason for their displacement. Once landed, Vicmabor shared again about his whereabouts on arrival, this time with the skyscrapers in the background and the temperature: 33 degrees Celsius. And that’s where you stop counting.

Until now, there was no more content on Victoria Federica’s network, which is a clear demonstration on her part he doesn’t want the world to know what he’s doing. A mystery he insists on preserving and which has led his followers to ask themselves a series of questions. For some reason, she’s determined to continue with the riddle and we’ll have to wait and see if it gets solved.

In addition to a possible visit to his grandfather, there was also talk of a World Cup match to be held in Qatar this month. The country in the Middle East is the epicenter of not only sports, but almost general information until December 18. However, it is an option that is practically excluded. Yeah, it just so happens that your uncle, King Felipe VI has been very close to him since he traveled to Doha last Wednesday to witness the first match of the Spanish national team, resulting in an impressive 7-0 defeat to Costa Rica. Victoria Federica was not there. Moreover, she never stood out as a big fan of this sport. Or at least he hasn’t made it public on his social networks where he shows his adventures to the world every day.

In Spain things are a bit restless in his family. It was early in the week when it became known that another of his uncles, Ignatius of Marichalar, was evicted from the house where he lived with his wife and four children. It was precisely the latter who gave her version of the events in Sálvame: “With great dignity and as happens to many people, she conquers herself. It continues and that’s it. We are not the only ones to whom these things happen (…) It is absolutely not due to anything. We are at zero with the bill. If you stopped paying for a few months, the grace period is set for the months you stopped paying, without spending a month more or a month less,” he said to clarify that the debt he had spoken do not exist.

A few hours earlier, it had been Victoria Federica’s own uncle who through her lawyers had issued this statement: “In this agreement, Mr. Marichalar informed the owner three months in advance of his intention to vacate the house, agreeing to void the warranty. use deposited at the signing of the contract as an advance on the rent. has at no time failed to fulfill its contractual obligation, which is why he was surprised when he received the non-payment lawsuit filed by the property, violating the aforementioned agreement. Finally, Mr. Marichalar would like to clarify that, despite the fact that he does not owe monthly rent, the owner of the house has preferred to reject any kind of amicable settlement, thus damaging the image of Don Ignacio de Marichalar social damage is inflicted”.

Source: Marie Claire

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