Visual challenge: Do you know how to spot the differences between a German shepherd and a Belgian shepherd?

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There are dog breeds that we can honestly say are the most disrespectful when we put them together, but that’s not always the case. In fact, this usually happens very often with the German Shepherd and the Belgian Shepherd, which they are very confused at first because to be honest, they are very similar, yes they do have a few differences that we will examine. to tell you.

different origin

german shepherd 2

Although both are shepherd breeds, Belgian Shepherd As the name suggests, it was founded precisely in 1897, after a series of transitions in the Belgian region. German Shepherd It started a little later, as it was not recognized as a breed in Germany until 1899.

different varieties

While the German Shepherd is more unique, there are different varieties of the Belgian Shepherd, specifically four of them are very different from each other: groenendael belgian shepherd, laekenois belgian shepherd, malinois belgian shepherd and tervueren belgian shepherd.

Belgian Shepherd 3

As data we will tell you that Belgian shepherd malinois It is characterized by its long head and short hair. He is very intelligent and protective.


Yes, the German shepherd is slightly larger than the Belgian. So the first is between 20-40 kilos, the second is between 20-30 kilos, which makes them a little smaller.

German Shepherd

different character

While the German has a very balanced character and is easy to train, brave and very loyal, the Belgian is more temperamental, even more brutal, which makes their training a bit more complicated despite having good character.


And, without a doubt, another distinguishing mark of both breeds, the German shepherd longer furSome of the Belgian varieties there is a shorter one.

Belgian Shepherd 2

Additionally, their ears are longer and they have a very pronounced hip curve, making them prone to low hips and problems such as hip dysplasia, while Belgian Shepherds generally have a flatter hip.

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