We discovered this giant and muscular dog breed that makes excellent pets if we have a lot of space.

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There are dog breeds that we love but they are really big. For this reason, we can adopt them as pets only if we have enough space to move freely and without stress. This situation Caucasian shepherds, whose secrets we reveal to you.

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when we talk about it they are big dogswe mean they can be weighed 50 to 70 kg and height measurements are between 62 and 75 cm. Come on, huge. In addition, their wonderful fur, which is very thick and long, makes them much more bulky.

For all these reasons, they are perfect dogs for living in gardens or very large areas (they are definitely not a suitable breed for apartment living). Of course, wherever it is, it will undoubtedly apply what it really is: A watchdog and guard dog with a great gift for defenseit is said that it seems that one of the breeds that puts more pressure on the bite.

But these data need not frighten us, for despite its size and temperament very intelligent, affectionate, extremely loyal and a wonderful life partner.

Caucasian Shepherds

To add some history to the narrative and as the name suggests it is a breed of dog originally from Russia although it is difficult to obtain data on the specific origin beyond knowing that it was bred mainly by shepherds from the Caucasus. from those who take the .name.

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Undoubtedly, this Caucasian Shepherd is one of those dogs. solid, strong, imposing appearance and great muscles it reflects so much on your whole body, They compare him to a bear.

After all, they are pretty well trainable dogs, as is everything else, although their fatness often means they forcefully beat us.

In addition to your basic dog care, daily physical exercise in large doses, We will have to brush them very often because they lose a lot of hair and also they tend to get knotted so we will have to brush them very often.

Best of all, if we take care of them properly, they are generally dogs with no pathologies associated with their size or condition, i.e. they are usually very long livedso that they can accompany us for many years of our lives.

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