Czech “Black Mirror”, Indian “Dune”: what to see in Russian cinemas in June

Photo source: Still from the film “Kalki: 2898 AD”
Photo source: Still from the film “Kalki: 2898 AD”

Lots of horror and a bright performance from the Harry Potter star.

Summer has only just begun and Russian cinemas are already packed with high-profile new releases. Moreover, some of them, by their name, seem to be an absolute game. But whatever it is.

For example, ‘The Ninth Gate: Pandemonium’ has nothing to do with the Johnny Depp film, and why the localizers translated Pandemonium this way is a big question. However, the film turned out to be surprisingly cheerful.

An unusual European horror about two friends who have an accident. The men come to their senses and begin to suspect that they are in another world, namely purgatory.

Another horror film with a disgusting localization is ‘The Grudge: Call of the Grave’, which is obviously not associated with the legendary horror franchise. But even without this, the most important South Korean film of this year managed to collect a decent box office abroad.

The main character in The Second Life of Harold Fry is Jim Broadbent, who played Horace Slughorn in Harry Potter. The picture may look like Forrest Gump, and there are indeed some borrowings, but it’s still interesting to see what happens.

Exactly the same can be said about the Czech ‘Backup’, which is similar to one of the episodes of ‘Black Mirror’, but filmed with a Central European touch. A low budget does not spoil the film, on the contrary: the visual artists have done their best.

Those who were not limited by the budget were the creators of “Kalka: 2898 AD”, which at the same time resembles “Dune” due to a similar central storyline and “Blade Runner” due to the post-apocalypse and similar graphic style. After all, the most expensive film in Indian history.

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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