We’ve been waiting for ten long years: Disney bosses announced a continuation of Gravity Falls

We've been waiting for ten long years: Disney bosses announced a continuation of Gravity Falls

Alex Hirsch has ideas for the development of the franchise.

The last episode of Gravity Falls was released in 2014 and exactly 10 years later, in honor of the anniversary, Disney finally decided to give a gift to its loyal army of fans. It seems like the revival of the legendary animated series is only a matter of time.

After the show’s finale, creator Alex Hirsch published three books: Gravity Falls: Tales of the Strange and Unexplained, Lost Legends, and Journal 3, and the big-eared company bosses announced to fans that by the end of the year will do have one more – “Bill’s Book”, where we learn the chronology of events from the point of view of the main antagonist. But the surprises don’t stop there.

Executive Vice President of Television Animation and Disney Branded Television Meredith Roberts made an encouraging statement in an interview with The Direct about a full-fledged continuation of the cartoon about the adventures of Mabel, Dipper and their friends.

‘You know, we’re negotiating with Alex. He will publish a book about his project together with Disney. We also make YouTube Shorts. So never say never.”

Most likely, the interviewer suggests, the plot in the third season of Gravity Falls will make a serious time jump – the main characters will grow up and start a family, and therefore there is a good chance that a much more mature story awaits us.

It is also possible that instead of Bill Cipher, a new, much more dangerous and cruel antagonist for the universe of the animated series will appear – the ominous triangle, in turn, may choose the side of good.

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