5 obscene moments in “Smeshariki”: the crazy Sovunya and the “moth” Losyash – humor category 18+

5 obscene moments in “Smeshariki”: the crazy Sovunya and the “moth” Losyash - humor category 18+

Sovunya sometimes behaves as if she were starring in the movie “Pretty Woman.”

Over the course of 320 episodes and several full-length projects, “Smeshariki” has amassed an army of millions of elementary school-age fans, most of whom probably don’t understand all the “adult” references in their favorite cartoon. But sometimes this show starts to look like a thriller or even an 18+ movie.

For example, in the episode “Triumph of Reason”, Losyash begins to have a terrible complex about the size of his horns and tries his best to look for ways to make them bigger. When the horns break and only small shoots remain, the character becomes completely hysterical, and all this against the background of Sovunya’s phrase that “size is not the most important thing.”

Sovunya herself is a total badass, by the way, and there are plenty of skeletons in her closet. In “The Legend of the Golden Dragon,” the bird shows wonders of flexibility on the pole of the legendary hit Sex Bomb. Children are unlikely to understand that they have watched a small striptease number.

A little later, in the series “Meteorology”, Hedgehog discovers Sovunya’s panties with holes in Kar-Karych’s house, confirming fan conspiracy theories about their romantic connection.

In the series “Talisman”, Sovunya drops an unequivocal hint that she would not refuse to commit suicide, which shocks Barash. And in general, in hundreds of episodes, a rope with a loop at the end has appeared on the screen more than once.

There were some obscenities for Kopatych, who, having become interested in botany in the episode “Brothers in Mind”, took only third place in the competition for smart people. The winner, in the person of Krosh, rudely joked about his friend by writing a messy word on the pedestal, which Kopatych had to carefully hide from prying eyes.

But Kopatych himself is no slouch. In one of the episodes, when Losyash was “in search of himself”, put on false wings and rushed through a field of flowers, Smesharik the bear called his friend nothing more than a “moth.”

Photo source: Still from the cartoon “Smeshariki”

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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