Affleck was caught in the company of a fatal beauty amid rumors of divorce from JLo (video)

Affleck was caught in the company of a fatal beauty amid rumors of divorce from JLo (video)

An artist does not die from lack of attention.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck continue to ignore the slightest divorce rumors, which have been gaining momentum for several weeks in a row. And now the former Batman decided to add fuel to the fire by appearing in a completely unexpected company.

The public is already used to the fact that Affleck tries to spend time with his children from his first marriage at the first opportunity, but this time the company of the artist and his 12-year-old son Samuel was diluted by Jennifer Garner, the ex- wife of the Gone Girl star.

The once sweet couple was photographed in Los Angeles on a walk, which from the outside could easily have looked like a family walk – the boy’s mother and father were talking about something, although one got the impression that Affleck was not very comfortable felt. The actor continued to look distantly into the distance.

“Ben has been looking relaxed towards his ex lately, as if he feels the tension easing as she provides firm support, but he looks rather uncomfortable here, perhaps because he’s drawing all the paparazzi’s attention to the three of them,” says the expert. Body language of Judy James in conversation with The Mirror.

Another reason for the rumors that Bennifer is ready was given by J. Lo himself, who during a recent meeting with her still legal husband did not even hug him, did not press him to her, but only dryly and in a friendly manner way kissed. on the cheeck.

After this, the couple went for a walk, but as they say in the Western press, there was no sign of any romance between them – they remained very distant.

Photo source: Still from the movie “Hypnotic”

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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