“Our Nastya has died”: what is known about the death of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and where she will be buried

“Our Nastya has died”: what is known about the death of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and where she will be buried

Just two months ago, the actress celebrated her birthday.

For the past five years, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk has been trying to defeat the most aggressive form of brain tumor – glioblastoma, but on the night of May 30, the heart of Russia’s honored artist stopped beating forever. The My Fair Nanny stars’ loved ones shared devastating news.

A sad message written by her family appeared on the 53-year-old actress’s personal blog.

“Dear friends! It is impossible to understand and very difficult to find the right words. Tonight after a long and serious illness, our Nastya passed away.

We thank each of you who sincerely wished for the best, prayed for health and believed. Nastya has always felt and greatly appreciated your support.”

The people around her have not yet reported other details about the death of Zavorotnyuk, making it clear that the date and place of the farewell to the late celebrity will be announced later, but it can already be assumed where the suffering actress spent her last will find peace.

In 2019, it became known that the family of the TV star was given a free place at the Ankudinovskoye cemetery, where the actress’s father, Yuri Zavorotnyuk, was buried in 2014. The cemetery was intended for Anastasia’s brother, and the cemetery itself was chosen based on its proximity to the village of Krekshino.

Most likely, Zavorotnyuk himself will be buried there, close to her country house, so that it would be convenient for Peter Chernyshev, who lives there, to visit the grave of his late wife.

In addition, the Ankudinovskoye cemetery is closed, and therefore the likelihood of hordes of fans on duty at the grave of the great actress every day is minimal.

Photo source: Still from the series “Provocateur” (2014)

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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