The Boy’s Word: The exact ages of the characters and the real ages of the actors who played them

The Boy's Word: The exact ages of the characters and the real ages of the actors who played them

You’ll never guess how much older the actors are than the characters.

In 2023, ‘The Boy’s Word’ captured the attention of millions of viewers across the country and sparked a wave of discussion and heated debate over whether the series was worth watching at all. Conflicting reviews played into the hands of the project, and now most Russians can name the nicknames of the main characters.

There are many facts on the Internet about both the filming process and the real story on which the film is based. Yet the series still has something surprising, namely the impressive age difference between the actors and their characters:

How many Russians could have guessed that Ivan Jankovsky, who played the role of Vova Adidas, is 33 years old? But according to the plot, the leader of the group “Universa” is only 20 years old. Either the merit lies in the youth of the actor himself or in his style of acting, but no contradiction is palpable on screen. What’s even more striking is that Nikita Kologrivy, who played Kashchey, looks older than Jankovsky, even though he is four years younger.

It is also difficult to guess the real age of Ruzil Minekaev, aka Marat Suvorov in the series, at a glance. Judging by the script, the hero is only 14-15 years old, while the artist is already 24 years old. Moreover, Minekaev is married and is already raising his own child.

A godsend for many viewers was Anna, the daughter of Yulia Peresild, who portrayed the excellent student Aigul on the screen. This time the makers hit the mark and chose not only an actress of the right type, but also of the same age as her character.

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Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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