“Kitchen” star Olga Kuzmina showed the photo of her 7-month-old daughter for the first time

In October 2023, Olga Kuzmina became a mother for the second time. The other day, the actor showed the face of seven-month-old baby Mira-Maria for the first time on a banned social network.

Olga Kuzmina with her husband and daughter. Photo: social networks

“It’s time to meet! “Here is our Mira Maria,” said the “Kitchen” star and signed a series of photographs.

By the way, under the post there are more than a thousand compliments, fans are trying to decide which parents the girl is more like. “What a caricature”, “Both mother and father”, “A copy of my mother!” What a charm!”, “Button eyes”, “A copy of my mother”, “Well, it’s just a copy of my father.”

Let us remind you that the actor also raised his son Gordey from his first marriage. The baby was born in the summer of 2015, and Olga broke up with her husband Alexei four years after his birth. “It’s time to thank each other and go on your own journey through life. This will be better for each of us,” he said on a banned social network.

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