The common sense test that 90% of people fail

The common sense test that 90% of people fail

Only 10% of respondents will not lose their patience.

Adults and children think differently – this statement can often be found while surfing the Internet. Reportedly, older people tend to complicate everything and not notice the answers that lie on the surface, while younger students simply rely on common sense.

There are plenty of tests to test common sense, attentiveness and logical thinking, but 90% of people fail these:

You don’t have to solve complex equations or remember historical dates; you just have to answer a few simple but tricky questions. At first glance the test seems so simple as to be disappointing, but that is only true until the first mistake. For example, what do you call someone who doesn’t have all their fingers on one hand? Most would assume that the word “fingerless” would describe the situation perfectly, but this is the wrong answer.

How do you put a giraffe in the refrigerator? To solve this problem, you need to throw away all knowledge in the field of zoology, algebra and geometry, not think about the impossible and rely on simple logic. This is exactly how children cope with such tests. After this task is solved, respondents can answer an even more interesting question: how to put an elephant in the refrigerator.

For many people, the list of questions presented seems absurd and devoid of common sense. Some even lose their patience and call the authors ‘strange people’.

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Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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