Video: These 16 Bad Takes Look So Cool They Left Them In The Movie

Video: These 16 Bad Takes Look So Cool They Left Them In The Movie

The genius of the script? No, just the clumsiness of the actors.

The filmmaking process is like staging a play where, despite the cameras and editing, anything can go wrong. This applies to the unpredictability of the weather conditions, the cool temperament of the animals on set and the exaggerated enthusiasm of the actors.

Directors always have the option to walk away from a bad shot, but there are examples where a mistake or accident turns into a real triumph. These 16 recordings are proof of that:

Diligence and deep immersion into the character ended with injuries caught on camera for Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt and Donald Glover. The first hit his head, the second broke his arm and the third fell to the ground after slipping. All of these moments were left in the final cut, but the filmmakers of Foxcatcher, Se7en, and The Martian had to deal with the consequences of their actors’ clumsiness.

Heroism on set is shown not only by stuntmen, but also by members of the extras. In the movie The Last Samurai, Tom Cruise’s horse kicked a nearby soldier. The recording shows that the blow hit below the belt, but the actor did not break character and remained standing until the end of the scene. This clip went viral online, causing the unknown soldier to be recognized by viewers.

Jake Gyllenhaal may still not have an Oscar due to an incident on Stringer’s set. The actor hit the mirror so hard that it shattered into large fragments, and he had to get stitches himself. Since then, people on the Internet have been joking about the string of bad luck in the Hollywood star’s life.

Photo source: New Line Cinema, Open Road Films

Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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