6 interesting Chinese dramas with fascinating plots

6 interesting Chinese dramas with fascinating plots

It will be difficult not to fall in love with such beautiful actors.

Asian cinema continues to march around the world, releasing many films and dramas every year. The variety of genres and scenarios can make the head of an unprepared viewer spin, and a seasoned fan can be bored.

This selection contains 6 series with an exciting plot, beautiful main characters and different timings, so that everyone can choose a story to their own taste:

For lovers of a historical setting and quick viewing of TV series in a few evenings, the drama “Ancient Song of Love’s Longing” is suitable. It only takes 6.5 hours to watch 14 episodes. The story of the ‘misfit’ intertwines the fates of bestselling author Shen Buyan (Guo Jia Nan) and Lu Yuan (Quan Yi Lun), who went down in history under the pseudonym ‘demon empress’. The hero will have to travel back in time more than once to save her and learn an important secret.

It takes 17.5 hours to watch The Battle Master in its entirety, but the time will fully repay the viewer. Based on the novel of the same name, the series tells the story of Qin Cheng (Wang Lue Tao). He was revered as the God of War, but death overtook the hero not at the hands of his enemies, but at the hands of his beloved wife and best friend. After Qin Cheng is reborn in a new body, he is drawn into a whirlpool of exciting events.

It will take 30 hours to watch the arranged marriage drama ‘The Wind Will Help You Walk a Thousand Lis’, which will be brightened not only by the plot, music and atmosphere, but also by the beautiful main characters played by Song Yi. and Bai Jing Ting.

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