Lives with his mother at the age of 47: what does Gvozdikova’s only son look like (photo)

Lives with his mother at the age of 47: what does Gvozdikova's only son look like (photo)

The actress herself is not against the fact that the heir lives with her in the same apartment.

The son of Natalya Gvozdikova and Evgeny Zharikov, Fyodor, at the age of 47, still lives in his parents’ house and apparently has no intention of moving. The heir to the star couple admits that he feels comfortable next to his mother.

The man has not yet found a woman with whom he could tie the knot and move into his own home. He had affairs, but none led to a serious relationship.

Screenshot “Secret for a million” / NTV

The heir to the star of the movie “Big Break” also helps his mother around the house. His responsibilities include cleaning and running errands.

“I had civil marriages. And I lived separately, but then I came to my mother. I’m trying to help her, free her from her suitcases,’ – Fedor said in the broadcast of the program “Secret for a Million” on the NTV channel.

Fedor became Gvozdikova’s only heir, but Evgeny Zharikov has two more children: son Sergei and daughter Ekaterina, who were born during an affair with journalist Tatyana Sekridova. After learning of her husband’s affair, the artist fell into depression. She managed to survive the news of the celebrity’s betrayal thanks to her son, who supported his mother in everything and also advised her to forgive his father.

Despite all the insults, Gvozdikov and his heir found the strength to support and care for their beloved until the end of his days.

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Author: Anastasia Karlushina

Source: Popcorn News

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