Hayley Erbert Health: Updates on Derek Hough’s wife amid ‘contusion’ diagnosis

Hayley Erbert Health: Updates on Derek Hough’s wife amid ‘contusion’ diagnosis

The fans send their best wishes to Derek Hough and his wife, Hayley Erbert, after being suddenly admitted to hospital. OH dancing with the Stars Judge revealed that the fellow professional dancer underwent a craniectomy after performing in Washington DC on his “Symphony of Dance” tour. For updates on Hayley’s condition, he read on.

What happened to Derek Hough’s wife, Hayley Erbert?

On December 7, Derek announced via Instagram that his wife had suffered a bruise on her head and was rushed to hospital during the dance tour.

“At the end of last night’s performance in Washington, DC, my wife Hayley became disoriented and was taken to the hospital,” the choreographer wrote in his post. “She was diagnosed with a cranial hematoma caused by a ruptured blood vessel and she required an emergency craniectomy. She is in stable condition. I want to thank the first responders and medical personnel who cared for her and continue to care for her. I ask for your prayers and positivity during this time.”

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Fans and teammates DWTS The co-stars were shocked to learn of Hayley’s health issue. Although many sent their best wishes by commenting on Derek the Fitness Coach’s post Meghan Tieff provided more information about the moments leading up to Haley’s hospitalization.

“I was in Washington last night. “The show was absolutely incredible,” she commented via Instagram, adding: “Hayley was fabulous… I’m so sorry this happened. We were sad not to see her at the end of the show. I had the feeling that something had happened. Many prayers and sending love.

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert perform on stage

What is a cranial hematoma?

The full medical term, intracranial hematoma, is a life-threatening condition that occurs when blood builds up in the skull. This results from a broken blood vessel or a traumatic injury such as a fall. According to the Mayo Clinic, when blood builds up inside the skull, it can spread through brain tissue and put pressure on the brain.

Treatment for the disease varies, according to the health website. The patient should be monitored for neurological changes over time and undergo CT scans to check progress. The intervention is based on the type of hematoma the patient suffers from.

If the collection of blood is in one part of the head and “turns from a solid clot into a liquid,” the surgeon may need to drain the fluid by drilling a hole in the skull. If the hematoma is large, it may be necessary to open a larger section of the patient’s skull to remove the blood.

It can take up to three months for a patient to recover after invasive surgery. Depending on how the patient is feeling, physical therapy and occupational therapy may be needed.

How is Hayley Erbert feeling today?

According to Derek’s statement on Instagram, Hayley was in “stable condition” following the surgery. On December 8, Derek took to social media to update fans. “Hayley has always inspired me with her will, her strength and her resilience, and no more so than in the last 48 hours,” he wrote in a note. “She Now she is on the long road to recovery. Words cannot express how thankful and grateful we are for the support and love you have given us. “The kindness shown to us in this incredibly unfathomable and life-changing moment is immeasurable.”

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Derek finished the update with words of thanks. “The offers of assistance that have come our way have been very humbling and appreciated. “Our hope is that, as a family, we can give back in some way,” he wrote.

A week later, on Friday, December 15, the professional dancer shared a first video of Hayley, along with an update, as the couple strolled past the Washington Monument. In the clip, Derek stabilizes his wife with his arm, they both wear warm coats and Hayley wears a protective helmet.

“As you all know, this past week has been a challenging journey for us due to a dangerous event that suddenly entered our lives,” she partially captioned the emotional post. “It was a time full of uncertainty and fear, in an instant we went from living our dreams on stage to a nightmare. But today we are filled with hope and relief as we share an update with you. Hayley is fine.

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Derek also shared that his wife will likely undergo another surgery. “Her recovery process has been nothing short of a miracle,” he shared. “She still has a long way to go with another surgery, hopefully in a few weeks, to insert a cranial implant to replace the piece that was removed during the craniectomy. This will restore the skull to its natural shape and protect the brain from injury.” He concluded the post by thanking for the medical care and community support.

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