Lost natural beauty: what surgeons did to Salma Hayek’s face (photo)

Lost natural beauty: what surgeons did to Salma Hayek's face (photo)

The star was taken to clean water.

Salma Hayek fans were stunned when they saw her fresh pictures. Something happened to the appearance of the Hollywood diva, and now she is unrecognizable. According to Tatyana Ayupova, surgeons and cosmetologists certainly helped the famous actress.

The expert even listed which procedures 56-year-old Hayek could decide on. The list is considerable, but it can be assumed that they have all benefited, the beautician emphasized. The actress began to look much younger, but at the same time lost her natural beauty.

“Salma Hayek has changed a lot. I see the plasticity of the face, or she attached invisible tapes.

It’s time for a full facelift. Botox seen. The eyes were drawn, the line of the eyebrows,” Ayupova told PopCornNews.

Screenshot of “Salma Hayek” / Social Networks

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Elizaveta Didenko Victoria Pavlova

Source: Popcorn News

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