We talk about the gray hair trend and specific products for this type of hair

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For years, many women have been concerned about covering their gray hair, white roots created complexes and were rejected. This still happens today, but times are changing, gray hair and gray hair are becoming more normalized. Some actresses like Andie MacDowell or Meryl Streep have appeared on numerous red carpets posing naturally and proudly for them and their hair. Dying isn’t a bad thing, but not doing it shouldn’t be either.

Looking back, white hair had a very different connotation in the 14th century, during the reign of Marie Antoinette, the very light, almost ash blonde of the Queen and the wigs of all her subjects was synonymous with the purity and sublimity of the aristocracy. What used to be about old age is changing and becoming a way to show that it is something natural that there is no reason to hide it, and it can even be a way to increase beauty and acceptance .

In a sense, it comes as a trend, but also as a criticism. Recently, Italian-American actress and artist Julia Fox appeared at the 2022 CFDA Awards, sporting gray hair. “This Is A Love Letter To Growing Old”Fox said when asked about her mane. “We embrace aging”. In this way, he sent a very powerful message to the industry: aging is natural and beautiful, it changes perspective, enhances it and makes it into something beautiful and powerful. Some designers who have uploaded gray and white natural or artificial hair to their catwalks include: Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs or Karl Lagerfeld, this contradicted the cult of youth and sent a positive message to something natural.

The best thing about a trend like gray hair is that it normalizes it and makes it beautiful. For this reason, if you want to join the craze for this type of hair, whether your hair is natural or late, we bring you a number of products to care for it and to prolong the silver tones that are increasing on the catwalks, including the famous and in the streetstyle.

Source: Marie Claire