15 lip balms where frost and sun won’t be scary

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A little reminder: lips, unlike the face, do not have a protective lipid layer, so dryness and cracks leave them behind first. And considering that even in the autumn-winter period we rarely deny the pleasure of drinking coffee or eating croissants on the street, then we can safely say that the lips are experiencing the most difficult moments at this time. The best solution is to always have a moisturizing balm on hand. We have collected for every taste, color, format and design, all that remains is to make your own choice.

Divage marshmallow scented balm

Marshmallow-flavored lip balm Lip Rehab Balm, Divage, 219 p.

An ointment specially produced for sweet lovers. You can choose a product flavored with honey apple, caramel, sweet mint, marshmallow, vanilla or chocolate. And besides moisturizing, it creates a glossy finish on the lips.

Oil 7 Days

B. Color softening lip oil, 7 Days,

One of the most convenient oil formats is the roll-on applicator. It provides a radiant finish by distributing the product evenly and without excess on the lips. The blend of four oils moisturizes and softens sensitive skin.

Lucas Papaw Balm

Lip balm by Lucas Papaw, 733 r.

If we were asked the name of the most indispensable medicine of travel, we would say this balm without hesitation. It can be used for any problem – chapped lips, dry skin, inflammation, burns or peeling. In the homeland of the brand, Australia, the ointment is in the medicine cabinet of every family, and this already says a lot.

Sauce-balm Cafe Mimi

Sauce-lip cream Mango, Cafe Mimi, 109 r.

The formula has everything you need: mango, grapeseed, shea and almond butter. Therefore, the balm intensely moisturizes and restores the dry skin of the lips, protecting it from small cracks.

Moisturizing Serum Art&Fact

Moisturizing lip serum with lecithin, panthenol, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera Art&Fact, 400 r.

The serum is suitable for home use. It has a cone-shaped applicator, so applying the product while running is useless. However, it is ideal as a night time remedy if nothing helps the regeneration of the skin of the lips.

Color balm Zeitun

Tinted lip balm Wedding Day Tinted Lip Balm, Zeitun, 269 p.

The consistency is more of a light, non-greasy oil so it is suitable for normal skin that is not overly dry. It can be used before applying matte lipstick or as a moisturizer.

Melissa Limoni

Lip balm Lipcare Stick, Limoni, 337 p.

We’re sure any diva from the 2000s would want to have a balm in their purse in such a pink package. But the benefits do not end with the barbicor-style design, the product moisturizes, nourishes and is ideal for cold winters.

Revitalizing cream 22|11

Phyto-peptide + Mango Revitalizing Lip Cream, 22|11, 1100 r.

A must-have for extra lip care all year round. The product protects from the active effects of UV rays in summer and from wind and frost in winter. The composition includes a phytopeptide that fights the appearance of wrinkles on the skin around the lips and makes the skin more elastic.

Balm Botavikos

Sos-care lip balm Jojoba and Chamomile Oils, Botavikos, 159 p.

Jojoba oil and chamomile are the perfect combination to nourish and repair dry skin. And good news for those who don’t like fruity scents: The balm doesn’t smell at all.

Balm Kristall Minerals Cosmetics

Lip balm Pure Lip Oil Balm, Kristall Minerals Cosmetics, 350 r.

Cosmetics have a 100% mineral composition, so the products are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. And the balm has a comfortable melting texture which is not felt on the lips.

Melissa Holly Polly

Lip balm Toxic, Holly Polly, 149 r.

It is easy to guess from the design alone that the target audience of the Russian brand is the zoomers. All packages are bright, refreshing. For example, lime-scented lip balm resembles stationery. If we had studied at school, we would have put it in our pencil case.

Balm Thann

Lip balm Rice Lip Balm, Thann, 1099 p.

The main component of the balm is rice bran oil, which is designed to nourish the skin and protect it from moisture loss. The tool apparently comes with a soft fabric cover to make it easy to find in your pocket or purse.

Essence Balm

Lip balm in stick Heart Core Fruity Lip Balm, Essence, 185 p.

Light tone, radiant coverage and moisturizing formula – the perfect combination. The stick design will cheer you up even when it’s dark and gray outside.

Balm Mi&Ko

Lip balm “Lime and mint” Mi&Ko, 309 r.

Peppermint essential oil in the composition causes a light, pleasant cold, so the first few minutes there will be some tingling on the lips. And then you will feel the skin become softer and smoother.

Balm “Krasnopolyanskaya cosmetics”

Lip balm “Propolis”, “Krasnopolyanskaya cosmetics”, 259 rubles.

Paste directly from Krasnaya Polyana, which contains all the useful components, such as tea tree oil, coconut, olive, beeswax and propolis extract. And this is a guarantee of protection from moisture and wind.

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