It’s not just thirst: 7 ways to prevent dehydration

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Dehydration is a year-round problem, not just in the warm season. In addition, it is not always possible to immediately determine the violation. The first symptoms in the form of lethargy, thirst, muscle weakness and rapid physical and psycho-emotional fatigue can pass for a general malaise. Even 1% water deficiency in the human body causes painful conditions and can lead to death by 20-25%. Therefore, it is especially important to prevent dehydration. Natalya Zubareva, Doctor of Preventive and Anti-aging Medicine, general practitioner, author of a number of bestselling books, scientific editor of foreign literature of the AST publishing house, will tell you how to do this.

Natalya Zubareva

don’t be thirsty

The easiest way to control dehydration is to listen to your body’s signals. You must not be thirsty. And if you feel it, dehydration has already started.

Monitor your water balance

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It is sufficient for an adult to drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water per day, excluding other liquids and products. The ideal formula is 30 ml per 1 kg of weight. Pay attention to the water regime and consider a bottle of water if necessary, or download a special application on your phone so that you do not forget to replenish your moisture reserves.

Don’t teach your child to be thirsty

Children need more fluids than adults and begin to suffer from a lack of water more quickly. But not every child will talk about thirst, so it is necessary to teach the child to water more often and in no case endure it.

see a doctor

Often dehydration develops against the background of gastrointestinal infections, especially in children. Therefore, parents are advised to be very careful and not try to alleviate the child’s condition on their own, so as not to waste their precious time, but immediately consult a doctor. The same, of course, applies to adults themselves.

Some need more fluids

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Pregnant, lactating, staying in the heat, against the background of increased urination (it happens when taking several drugs), in the diet (usually a person who loses weight does not get enough nutrients), more fluid is required. Eliminate the lack of moisture in advance.

water and just water

I recommend avoiding heavy consumption of caffeine, artificial sodas, or alcohol. These drinks raise the body’s internal temperature, so you’ll feel more thirsty.

help the body

One of the causes of dehydration can be stress – an extreme condition that can be equated, for example, with heat and congestion. If there are no contraindications, Eleutherococcus can be taken in the morning for several weeks. This powerful natural adaptogen will help the body become more flexible.

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