Being beautiful inside and out: the five essentials of the week

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As always in these episodes, it’s time to end the week in a big way with some very cool things that make us feel good and give ideas to look beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside as well. And who can say no to a body treatment, a getaway, new signatures and the most interesting products? Well, here are our five must-haves for this week.

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body therapy

It’s true that we’ve seen how many celebrities have been betting on treatments lately. wood therapy. So yes Paula Echevarria or Eva Gonzalez They are using it and flaunting it on social networks, because it should definitely be great for us too, which is why we recommend what Charo Hernández offers us at her beauty center.

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Maderotherapy 2 Min.

It is an alternative to devices performed by a professional beautician, which is currently revolutionizing treatments in beauty centers. ancient chinese technique what type does it use very special massage for reshape the body in a completely natural way. It consists of applying a deep massage using different specially designed wooden equipment. balancing the energyfirm, tone and fight cellulite, as well as prevent fluid retention, treat localized lubrication and stimulate elastin production.

wood therapy

Results They can be seen from the third session as each case is studied in a personalized way and the necessary sessions are recommended to achieve the best results that each client will need. In fact, Charo recommends at least 10 sessions to drain, reduce inflammation, and even out skin tone. To maximize the full benefits of wood therapy, it is better to start with “Shock therapy” with 2 sessions per week.

As for the price, it will ultimately depend on the number of sessions and we find it in Madrid at the Charo Hernández Center at c/ Hermosilla, 29. Phone: 915 77 43 91.

Easter getaway

Finally, our long-awaited holiday with Easter has come. If you still don’t have a plan and are looking for something last minute, we suggest you go to: Grenadeespecially Vincci Albayzín 4*.

Hotel Vincci Albayzin 4 Stars (Granada) 14-17 April 2022

Hotel Vincci Albayzin 4 Stars (Granada) 14-17 April 2022

RRP €757,00 at Bookink

Courtyard Colonelzin Min

And the hotel attends Holy Week showcase competition, with the city council’s own design inspired by Granada’s Easter week, which residents and guests alike can visit until 17 April. Salvador Valero From a 19th-century painting to festive elements, ornaments and clothing such as hoods and hoods, a cornice habit, drum, trumpet, sack, mantilla, candle, etc. ..

Courtyard2 Min.

But the truth is that the hotel offers us a beautiful space with a great kitchen in the restaurant on the patio where we can relax and recharge our batteries in a wonderful city like Granada.

A makeup collection

Today we have to talk about a makeup collection that was released a few weeks ago thanks to Charlotte Tilbury and has become one of the jewels of our makeup table. A set of products that are ideal and, of course, we have to tell you about.

Pillow Talk Charlotte Tilbury

named Pillow Chat Party and is a tribute to the universally known lipstick of the same name, and includes four new products, each more ideal, for example, Pillow Talk Multi-Glow, the illuminator of those who conquered you at first sightfull of glitter and sparkles to get it flawless Y glare Charlotte is very proud of these.

Pillow Talk Charlotte Tilbury

Available in two colors and silky mica-based with a smooth, melting effect and an incredible satin finish for easy application. It also contains softening polymers. soft Focus, Finely ground pearls create a shimmering, pearlescent, clear filter for long-lasting shine-free shine, and emollient oil composed of coated pearlescent pigments to optimize application and enhance smooth finish. They are great.

Pillow Talk Multi-Glow by Charlotte Tilbury

Pillow Talk Multi-Glow by Charlotte Tilbury

RRP at Sephora €39.99

pillow talk charlotte tilbury

We also have the Luxury Palette Pillow Talk (€52.99), an eyeshadow palette where we have everything for those who love soft makeup with a touch of shine. You have to see it to understand what we are talking about.

Luxury Pallet Cushion Talk CHARLOTTE TILBURY

Luxury Pallet Cushion Talk CHARLOTTE TILBURY

RRP 52.99 € at Sephora

And finally, we have mascara as a novelty. Pillow Talk Brown Push Up Lashes (29.00 €) or eyeshadow bat Color Chameleon (25.00€) in a gorgeous shade of pink.

Highly recommended.

a signature

This week we learned paris jackson In the star’s first collaboration with a beauty firm, she was chosen as the new face of KVD Beauty, and as a first step in this collaboration, they launched a gel pen with a formulation as pigmented as Iconic’s Tattoo Liner. The image of the brand and the Paris eyeliner visuals could not please us more.

Paris Jackson Kvd Beauty

This KVD Beauty Tattoo Pen Pen (21€) will be available in store and in shop in 10 colors. Sephora website from April 29, 2022, from here We will be very careful.

Now we ask ourselves, will these eye pencils conquer us as much as they do and catch us? your foundation Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm (and concealer) that you know and love.

Good Apple Perfecting Foundation KVD BEAUTY

Good Apple Perfecting Foundation KVD BEAUTY

RRP at Sephora €36.99

Paris Jackson Kvd Beauty 3

Of course, Paris Jackson is impressive in these images of the brand.

Paris Jackson Kvd Beauty 2


Finally, we conclude our must-have review of the week with one product, or rather, three products that personally surprised me. And as those who have read me for a long time know well, I have not become a big fan of dry shampoos after trying it little by little and a few times. (many of them, I assure you)I made peace with them.

Colba Dry Shampoo

CoLab ORIGINAL dry shampoo 200 ml

CoLab ORIGINAL dry shampoo 200 ml

RRP 2.82 € in Primor

For € 3.95 on Amazon today

The truth is, I just discovered those of COLAB. And be careful, they are a great signer/ally. The truth is that the brand has an extensive collection in the UK created by a team of beauticians with an innovative and invisible formula as it uses a very fine starch. weightless spray. So the starch particles absorb the oil and sebum on the scalp, refreshing and invigorating enhancing hair and natural shine. But at the same time, manages not to build up on roots or leave white residue (little word!).

Colba Dry Shampoo 4

I tried three: original (€2.82) which is great; most excessive volume (€2.85) to get a lot out of the hair without volumizing or even as a texturizer, because that’s great; and Renovate & Preserve (2.99 €) gives an incredible feeling of freshness and also protects against pollution and UV rays.

Dry Shampoo Renew & Protect COLAB

Dry Shampoo Renew & Protect COLAB

RRP 2.99 € in Primor

colba dry shampoo

Colab - Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo 200 ml - Increases Washing Interval - Provides More Volume and Vitality - Absorbs Oil on the Scalp - Rose and Bergamot Scent

Colab – Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo 200 ml – Increases Washing Interval – Provides More Volume and Vitality – Absorbs Oil on the Scalp – Rose and Bergamot Scent

RRP 2.85 € in Primor

For €3.65 on Amazon today

Frankly, I never thought I knew they would convince me so much and that I would continue to use and innovate. But at the same time, I know I will try the others in the collection. in one night (€2.99) this caught my attention.

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