7 new trends in hair coloring this spring: ‘luxury brunette’ and blonde

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With the arrival of spring, celebrities from Kendall Jenner to Hailey Bieber surprise with a new hair color almost every day. Naturally, it inspires us to do the same. Coloring is a great way to update your look this spring, whichever shade you choose – copper or a little darker than your natural color.


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Another such shade is called “strawberry chestnut”. Kendall Jenner was the first to be spotted with colors. Many stars that followed him also switched to the red side. The accent is not bright orange, but rather bright red with the addition of terracotta and cinnamon tones. This is a great shade to accentuate the color of the eyes, whether brown or blue.

“Luxury brunette”

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In the past few months, many iconic blondes have turned to the dark side, including Hailey Bieber. The new chocolate color is a good way to give blonde hair a more luxurious look. To do this, it is enough to color one or two colors darker.

“strawberry” blond

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If the copper shade is too bright for you, choose a softer option – “strawberry” blond. With this coloring, as well as an updated haircut, Sydney Sweeney recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show. You ask how it differs from the same “strawberry” chestnut? Lighter, with golden undertones.

blonde 70s

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A lighter version came with a touch of “luxury brunette” – a blonde in the style of Farrah Forsett. Darkened, regrowth roots paired with beachy curls evoke seventies style and layered updo.

cold chestnut

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One tone lighter than the “luxury brunette,” this spring is also on the wave of popularity. We envy those who by nature have such a color, and owners of dark hair, some strands of which can be dyed one tone lighter.

Dark grey

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For those who have given up their color completely and switched to platinum in the last few years, the trend towards a darker shade is a way to have some fun with your color without going back to its original color. The idea is to add darker strands to silver hair.

light strings

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Ask your colorist to scatter blonde hair strands all over your head to refresh your face and give your skin a glow. Unlike balayage, which guarantees an ombre effect, this technique includes lightly dyed curls in a free style.

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