Without a return ticket: How PEOPLETALK editors got to the East

Without a return ticket: How PEOPLETALK editors got to the East
Without a return ticket: How PEOPLETALK editors got to the East

Did you know that lavender is considered a natural antidepressant? Or that every person smells differently? Yes, that’s why we, as the editorial office, can never reach a common denominator on perfume. In fact, smells have an important place in human life. They help us remember people, events, places and foods. Some can even find their loved ones in a crowd by smell alone.

Since even cities have their own smells, the smell can also be a holiday memory. metropolis; It is a complex combination of flowers, food, buildings, local climate features and even building materials. After visiting a particular country, the smell becomes a kind of memory. True, you can hardly hang it on the refrigerator.

So today our editor decided to channel his inner perfumer and give it an experiment. Zeitun, a brand famous for its commitment to original recipes and the aesthetics of oriental beauty rituals, will help us in this regard. Zeytun released a limited edition “Countries and Cities” series for the body this spring.

Its main idea is to convey associations with popular places of the east through complex selective aromas: Istanbul, Samarkand, Aleppo and Morocco. So let’s open the “test” section and conduct an experiment – try new Zeitun products, go on a virtual journey and check whether the sensations coincide with reality.

The first stop of my journey was Samarkand. Let me tell you right away that I haven’t had the opportunity to see this city in person yet, so I had to make do with the descriptions, pictures and my gut feeling on the internet. And I got the impression that the city smelled of silk, spices, stone chips and, strangely, forest. However, this is far from true. Thanks to the “Mysterious Treasures of Samarkand” series, I learned that the heart of the city, which hosts many museums, ancient buildings and minarets, is still in the bazaars with the smell of sour vanilla and fresh juicy apricots. It smells like tangerine. I can’t help but highlight the body lotion in this collection. Since I spend most of my time in the office, I put the jar on my desk. And I must say that in stressful situations (which, unfortunately, is inevitable) my hand itself reaches for lotion. Firstly, its light texture was quickly absorbed and moisturized my hands. Secondly, its scent helped me relax and took me away from the fire for a short time during conversations.

And, as you might guess, it ended quickly, because I just wanted to cheer myself up and feel the aroma of fresh berries – fortunately, the volume allows sharing. Anyway, moving on.

Then Zeytun took me to Morocco. And yes, don’t be surprised that I’m talking about the entire country here because it would be absolutely unfair to take one city. Morocco combines colorful fairs with charms, rocky dunes and crowded beaches. Therefore, when Morocco is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is juicy oranges and peppers. And here my instincts did not fail me. The “Magnificent Sunset of Morocco” series is full of citrus aromas, a pinch of cinnamon, pink pepper and cardamom spice. What attracted me to this collection was the shower gel. I almost never get a chance to go on vacation, so I had to leave the rest to the bathroom. Fortunately, Zeytun did not disappoint this time either. In order not to go into personal details, let me say that the scent of the shower gel took me to an eastern market.

The good thing is that such a seemingly routine process turns into a real journey with the additional option of beneficial spa treatments. The fragrance was responsible for pleasant emotions, and the prickly pear and ghassoul clay were responsible for deep moisturizing. But I won’t stay long, we have two more exciting cities ahead of us.

Although it is not very popular, it is still a desirable destination for anyone who is bored of the usual East. You will immediately notice a fresh, almost clean scent with herbaceous notes and musk. However, the “Aleppo Traditions” collection took me to the bazaar, where the scents of cinnamon, amber, pepper and bergamot echoed with oranges and herbs, and dragged me and everyone who met me into an eastern tale. By the way, Aleppo and Zeytun are connected not only by this collection, but also by a long and interesting history.

The history of the Zeitun brand started from this ancient Syrian city. In 2005, two Arab friends came up with the idea of ​​introducing Eastern care rituals to Russia. We decided to start with the legendary Aleppo soap based on olive and laurel oil, the recipe of which was created in the 8th century AD. The future creators of the Zeytun brand, together with the hereditary soap maker Ahmad Abd al Aziz Kassar, selected the best varieties of this soap, and handmade products soon reached Russian stores directly from Aleppo. By the way, the name also has one meaning – Zeytun translated from Arabic means “olive”.

This is how the wonderful history of the brand began with traditional oriental soap; Thanks to this soap, we can create a real home SPA with enveloping textures, oils and authentic scents.

We end our trip in beautiful Istanbul. The city masterfully combines Europe and Asia, so on one street you can see ancient mosques, cathedrals and palaces with collections of jewelry, Muslim and Christian relics, and across the street a new restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine.

Yes, it is quite difficult to detect notes specific to the city, but the “Mysterious Scents of Istanbul” collection gives a clue: spicy and herbaceous sandalwood, patchouli, tonka bean, cardamom and bergamot. I particularly liked the soap from this collection. It just so happens that I wash my hands very often. Some will say it’s paranoia, but I believe it’s just a precaution. But due to such frequent washing, the skin of your hands often becomes dry and cracked. The soap from the “Mysterious Scents of Istanbul” collection did not have such an effect, on the contrary, my hands were moisturized after washing and pleasant to the touch.

By the way, “Istanbul” is also an ideal choice for those who especially value tobacco notes in fragrances. Here they are at the forefront, which makes the scent universal and therefore it is not surprising that even male acquaintances appreciate it.

The East is as versatile as the Zeytun collections, and each of them is ready to lend a hand to accompany you on your own journey. Calm, comfortable, a place where you can relax, say “thank you” to yourself and your body and recharge your batteries for new achievements. He will be your guide to the world of oriental luxury and beauty and will offer you an unplanned holiday this evening; You won’t need to pack your bags or issue tickets, just choose your destination. Zeitun will take care of the rest for you.

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