3 lip glosses every girl should have this summer

3 lip glosses every girl should have this summer
3 lip glosses every girl should have this summer

Glosses and tinted lip balms are things we cannot imagine a hot summer without. You don’t need to paint your eyebrows, eyelashes and face, but applying gloss is sacrosanct. It immediately makes the image more naive and at the same time seductive. And we generally feel like we are bagless without lip balm. That’s why we’ve rounded up the three main new items you won’t want to part with this summer.

Oil-based lip balm Lip Oil Balm, Clarins

Oil-based lip balm Lip Oil Balm, Clarins, 3300 rub.

Legendary lip oil Lip Comfort Oil now has a little brother: Lip Oil Balm. There are six shades in the palette and it is absolutely impossible to choose one among them. But we still highlighted our favorite – Fig shade (very reminiscent of Clinique balm in Black Honey shade). The balm perfectly moisturizes the lips, and the pigment is practically not washed off, even if you eat the paste.

Lip gloss “Semosvet”

Lip gloss “Semosvet”, 1800 rub.

St. St. Petersburg brand “Samosvet” has released six perfect summer lip glosses. One of them is transparent and smells of lavender, while the other five are colorful and smell of chocolate ice cream. The names of the polishes originally came from St. It is from St. Petersburg: “Flowers of the Summer Garden”, “Petrogradka Attic”, “On the Red Bridge”. I want to put the product in my bag and go to the city of white nights.

RBG Develops Lip Balm

Developing lip balm RBG, 1000 rub.

One of the first bestsellers of the “Black Moscow” collection appeared in a new version with a tint. The balm itself is translucent, but when in contact with the skin it enhances and emphasizes the natural color of the lips. And it leaves a shiny surface behind, making the lips more voluminous.

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