5 wedding hairstyles for short hair

5 wedding hairstyles for short hair
5 wedding hairstyles for short hair

We have already talked about the main trends in wedding hairstyles this year. These include a sleek low bun, balletcore-style accessories and soft glamorous curls. But what if the hair is too short for some hairstyles? Here are five hairstyles worth paying attention to.

Hollywood waves

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Hollywood waves can be created not only on long hair but also on short hair. The important thing is to choose the right bend and entrust this task to the master.

Smooth shaping

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If your hair has grown long enough to be tied into a small ponytail, this is a win. You can style them properly and wear a veil where they gather.

“Wet” installation

Kaia Gerber. Photo: social networks

“Wet” style has been the trend of the last few seasons. You can wear it at a party, a social event or your own wedding.

Hair pulled back with an accent

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Gathered front ribbons at the back are a wedding classic. All that’s left is to choose an accent pin or clip.

curls with pearls

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This season, all fashion influencers wear pearl jewelry. So why not add these to your wedding look?

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