Cosmetics for athletes is a new trend. Why is it necessary and how will it improve your education?

Cosmetics for athletes is a new trend.  Why is it necessary and how will it improve your education?
Cosmetics for athletes is a new trend.  Why is it necessary and how will it improve your education?

This may be a casual cosmetic choice that you can’t do without at the gym. But the beauty market is not dormant. Over the past few years, many cosmetics designed for professional (and not only) athletes have appeared. Moreover, the niche is growing with the number of people who regularly engage in sports – now it is more than half of the Russian population. What are the differences between sports cosmetics and regular cosmetics and which products will really make the life of athletes easier?

Why do you need sports cosmetics?

People who exercise regularly will confirm that an active lifestyle affects the condition of the whole body and skin in two ways. On the one hand, the skin becomes denser and more elastic, as physical activity stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow and improves the distribution of nutrients. However, on the other hand, doing sports often requires being in extreme conditions. Skiers and snowboarders often experience cracked skin in the cold, runners and cyclists are exposed to ultraviolet rays, and swimmers and triathletes constantly have dry skin due to chlorine and hard water. The list can be continued for a long time.

Sports cosmetics are needed to meet all possible needs of physically active people.

Given the growing popularity of the sport, the number of exclusive beauty brands and lines has also increased significantly over the past few years. And although the niche still remains pretty empty, we’re sure that won’t last long.

What is the difference between sports cosmetics and normal cosmetics?

Sports cosmetics have two main important functions that they are designed to perform – good protection from external factors (sun, wind or water) and elimination of training results (restoration of not only the skin, but also muscles and joints). Let’s give an example. What is the difference between regular SPF cream and sports cream? The athlete must not only protect against all kinds of UV rays, but also be so durable that neither water, nor sweat, nor tears will be afraid of him.

Top 5 products for athletes

Although the Crossmax brand is new to the world of beauty and fitness, in its collection you can find something that others do not have. For example, an anti-friction cream for cyclists and triathletes or a warming cream to prepare muscles, ligaments and joints before training. All brand cosmetics are divided into three categories: before, during and after physical activity. And each product has a detailed description of exactly how to use it. I have great respect for this. By the way, your beauty editor has already tried the cooling gel from the brand’s collection. He promised to relieve tension and cool down for a long time. I applied it to my calves (the hardest parts of my body) after a workout and was surprised at how long the effect lasted. The coldness continued for a very long time, and during this time the muscles actually relaxed even more.

Librederm has a great product that all athletes will appreciate: a sunscreen stick. It’s small so it fits in even the smallest bag, but provides a very high degree of protection – SPF 50+. Therefore, it is suitable for use on the areas of the skin that are most sensitive to the sun (lips, nose, ears, moles). Its texture is soft and its coating is transparent. Overall, this is our favorite for long runs and mountain hikes.

The Oness Sport brand has a great design. We really liked the shower gel and shampoo; They’re packaged in jars similar to sports bottles and come with a lanyard to make it easier to carry with you to the shower. Another interesting product in the collection is the layered body spray cream. It promises to improve blood circulation, repair damaged capillaries and strengthen blood vessels. And this is very useful for athletes.

The Russian brand Geltek has a separate line under the corresponding sports name. So far it only includes one product; sunscreen gel. It is sweat and water resistant, making it suitable for all sports, including water sports. In addition, the gel has a silicone texture that spreads quickly and practically integrates with the skin. Therefore, the product is suitable for wearing at any time of the year – both cold and hot.

The natural brand Siberina is no longer a newcomer to the world of sports cosmetics, so it has a wide range of fitness products. There are bath salts to relieve fatigue, creams and cooling sprays to protect against the effects of chlorinated water. The most interesting is an antibacterial deodorant for feet, sneakers and equipment. Fans of snowboarding and skating will definitely understand.

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