5 procedures to relax physically and mentally

Relaxed body muscles are of course good. But a relaxed mind is great. If you combine both, you may feel like a new person, ready to run a half marathon, start dancing, find a new job, and go traveling. In general, he is a person full of energy. Together with the experts of the Fonte beauty field, we will figure out which procedures are your best assistant.

Cell therapy using the Indiba device

The key to Indiba’s effectiveness is its unique frequency of 448 kHz, which is biologically compatible with human tissue. It stimulates simultaneous ion exchange at the intracellular and extracellular levels, restoring the physiological electrical activity of cells, including the nervous system and joints.

“The Indiba device comes from physiotherapy and has a pronounced analgesic effect, reducing spasms and improving drainage,” says Svetlana Zhukova, SPA specialist at the Fonte salon. – High frequency current is felt like a slight warmth on the skin, which increases the relaxing effects of Indiba. That’s why some fall asleep during the procedure and say that in addition to the external effect (lifting and improving skin elasticity), they also notice a general health effect: better sleep and a calmer response to stressful situations.

Massage “Magnesium Forte”

Magnesium is a trace element responsible for the basic functions of our nervous system. Therefore, if there is a magnesium deficiency, the person may experience fatigue, weakness and frequent muscle aches. “The transdermal magnesium form of Thalion comes to the rescue. It is a natural, water-based magnesium solution in a bioavailable form. It activates protein synthesis, increases the absorption of calcium, potassium, silicon, participates in the production of sex hormones and is the main nutrient of nerve cells, says Svetlana Zhukova. – The main task of such a massage is to harmonize the work of the whole body. We relieve nervous and muscle tension, improve blood and lymph circulation, help remove stagnant interstitial fluid and toxins from the body, which helps in the fight against cellulite and fat deposits. ) due to the functioning of the nervous system improves, muscle pain and cramps decrease.”

Author’s massage “Balance of energies”

“Energy Balance” is inspired by Eastern practices: Reiki and Qigong. From a technical perspective, classical massage and acupuncture are taken as basis. Qigong is a traditional Chinese practice that combines movement with breathing and meditation. The basic principle of Qigong is to control the energy (qi) flowing in the human body. Reiki is a Japanese hand touch practice that uses Reiki energy to activate a person’s energy centers. During “Energy Balance” we work with the deep tissues, muscles and through them the energy in the body. The result is the relief of muscle and emotional tension, restoration of the nervous system.

Alexandra Chassowska, Fonte massage and body care expert and author of the book “Energy Balance”:

“My goal is to help the person regain his or her vitality by accumulating energy in the body and transferring it during the massage. Since I structure the work individually, each guest’s massage is different from the other. When you work with energies, you feel with your palms where more work is needed. “Guests leave feeling rested after the massage, as if they had a deep sleep.”


Although the endosphere is becoming more popular as a device to reduce volume, lift skin and combat cellulite, avid athletes appreciate its therapeutic effect – it helps muscles and ligaments recover faster after physical activity. “Compression and micro-vibrations (the main methods of action of the “Endosphere”) reduce muscle tension and deeply relax it,” explains Svetlana Zhukova. “After the first procedure, there will be an immediate feeling of lightness on the body, and natural healing processes are initiated over a long period of time.”

Another advantage of the endosphere is that it helps relieve swelling caused by frequent flights. Rapid and frequent changes in pressure cause swelling, especially in the calf muscles. Often swelling is accompanied by a feeling of heaviness and pain. Massage using the endosphere apparatus relieves swelling, eliminates the unpleasant feeling of pressure and pain, provides a feeling of lightness, physical and emotional relaxation.

Health ritual Thalisens Nature “Ocean Happiness”

“This procedure will help turn off the head even for those who are used to controlling everything and cannot relax,” Svetlana Zhukova assures. “The ritual is based on four types of simultaneous effects on the human body: through touch, aromas, sound and music.”

The use of immersive fragrance notes specially designed to influence the emotions allows for a reboot; Before starting the treatment, you choose between two scents: Enchanting Tiare or Sparkling Citrus. Playing music at a specific sound frequency (432 Hz) during the ritual helps maintain harmony. Audio meditation enhances this effect. And of course, peeling the entire surface of the body using natural gomages (based on sea salt and coconut shells) in combination with manual massage provides complete relaxation. Some massage movements repeat the movements of sea waves or the length of sun rays, while others use the Hypno-slow technique (super slow and light), reducing the level of anxiety and “turning off” the head.

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