Made with love: Elena Nazarova, founder of the MIXIT brand, about external and internal changes, goals and success

What is the foundation of a successful brand? Some will say it’s all about the team, others will say it’s all about organizational processes. But in reality everything is much simpler. Every successful case taken as an example in education classes or universities begins with love. Love for yourself, for your work, for those for whom you started this thorny path. And yes, it is not always easy, sometimes there are failures, but if your own work makes your eyes shine and you believe in yourself and what you do, success is not such an empty dream.

This theory is proven by the example of the founder of one of the most successful companies in the internal beauty market, Elena Nazarova. The MIXIT brand turns ten years old this year and during this time it has grown from a small laboratory producing natural and individual cosmetics into a beauty giant that changes the market and sets trends. As Elena would later say in an interview, despite the large size of the production, she continues to strictly test and check each jar before presenting it to the buyer. We are confident that this approach is what makes MIXIT truly unique.

But let’s not delay the introduction. Learn about the creation of the brand, the ideal beauty routine for workaholics and plans for the future in our interview.

This year the brand celebrates its tenth anniversary. How have you changed during this time? Have you achieved your goals or is there still some way to go?

First of all, we have grown a lot. Our brand began its activities with a small laboratory, an online designer on the website, where each customer could create his own personal face cream that meets specific skin needs. And now, ten years later, we are owners of large production and logistics complexes. Our presence has expanded greatly; We are represented in all federal networks and occupy leading positions in the markets.

It is difficult to achieve all goals in such a period. The number ten seems very impressive and big, but we understand how young and energetic MIXIT is. Our goals are too ambitious to be achieved in ten years. I can say with confidence that we are currently in the most vibrant phase of growth and development and are moving towards our great goal of becoming the No. 1 cosmetics company in Russia.

What has changed in the beauty industry in ten years?

The competitive landscape has changed significantly in a decade; It has become much larger and higher. Many worthy Russian brands have emerged, and I can say that MIXIT has a strong influence on this. We were among the first and we did everything differently, not like most cosmetic brands do.

The receiver itself has changed. With the spread of social networks that develop in parallel with us, people began to understand the contents better, they became more specialized, so it is no longer enough just to present a new product, it must be a bright and interesting concept, a very high-quality product with ingredients that really work, if we are talking about cosmetics. The buyer needs a beautiful design and great functional content that will look beautiful and harmonious both on the store shelf and on the home shelf.

Why did you decide to bring back the online designer?

We brought the online designer back to the site because that was and remains our key differentiator from other brands. This is our DNA, that’s why the brand is called MIXIT. The decade is the perfect opportunity for the return of personalized cosmetics as a tribute to our origins, and at the same time, we take great pride in the fact that today, using all our capabilities, we can make this function better and more technologically advanced. This is version 2.0, which has been improved both in terms of service and production.

What makes your brand successful?

First of all, we are a company with family values. As the founders of the brand, my partner Oleg Pai and I are involved in all processes of the company at the maximum level and always attach importance to the human factor. We care deeply and sincerely appreciate everyone who works on our product, that’s why MIXIT is made with love and affection.

I am very focused on creating every product we make. So much so that I still test every jar and double-check all the little things, from the packaging to the contents. As a woman who takes care of herself, this is important to me above all else. And of course, our most important principle is that every product we produce is safe and reliable. I know that I can easily apply our SPF protection to my children and be sure that their skin is protected.

MIXIT is a company that constantly develops and improves existing successful recipes. The content market does not stand still and is often replenished with something new and effective, so we instantly respond to all changes and implement them into production. It is important for us to be on trend in cosmetic chemistry. We care about girls and their time. We are moving towards ensuring that each request has its own systematic approach, covering specific issues, relieving the consumer from the pain of choice and making them as comfortable as possible.

Aren’t you sometimes afraid to delve deeper into business processes and look at the product as an entrepreneur, and not, for example, as a buyer?

Not at all, because there is a clear division between us: Oleg deals with the operating system, and I deal with the product. Even if I have to delve into business processes, they are to some extent formulas, design or marketing related. Product development makes me a happy person. Creating beauty for women is my duty and profession. It is impossible to escape from this; You cannot escape yourself.

Have you ever thought about closing the project?

The answer is simple and short; never. We have never thought of closing a project in our lives and we never will. This is a big part of my life, just like my family, so precious and dear.

MIXIt’s about self-love. How do you show yourself love?

In challenging times for workaholics, a true manifestation of self-love is doing what you love and not wasting time on something you’re not passionate about. I was very lucky, I quickly found my purpose and therefore I can call myself a very happy person. I do what I love, I have goals I strive to achieve, I am energized by the process, and I enjoy every day. Self-love is about listening to your inner voice and finding out what’s important to you, then following your line and not changing yourself. It is important to live this life with pleasure.

What are your 3 favorite MIXIT products?

It is impossible to answer this question; I love every product I create. But right now I will try to highlight the top 3.

Our latest new product that I am proud of is the MIXIT PROFESSIONAL hair care system, which is based on the expertise of three professionals: a dermatologist, a trichologist and a stylist. MIXIT laboratory combined its experiences and created the unique Pro3 formula. I especially love the Coloring series, where I try to collect everything that is considered the best in the hairdressing world.

MIXIT Skinology is the professional facial care I have been using for two years since the first day it was developed. Honestly, I can’t imagine how you could use anything else. I’m always for an integrated approach, so I can’t discuss products individually; Every product has an assistant that needs to be used together. Of course, our range of highly effective Skin Chemistry serums with simple yet highly effective formulas at a fraction of the cost. I use everything in order according to the skin condition and needs.

Who do you create products for?

I’m creating a product for all women. People often tell me: “Try to imagine the portrait of the woman for whom you are creating a product.” This is always difficult because women are so different and unique that it is almost impossible to create a collective image. Eclectic, chaotic and ambiguous will emerge. Each of us is unique and special. We are all different, so our product range includes not just one product, but nearly 500 products. There are many women and they have many needs. And we try to be useful to everyone.

Is there a product you really want to make but haven’t implemented yet? So why didn’t it work?

There is no such product because everything we want to do is already planned several years in advance. Even if we understand that we urgently need this or that product at the moment, we will competently implement it into production without sacrificing other goals. Of course, it is not possible to launch everything in a month or even a year because there are certain processes, including calendar launches of new products. But we have quite large capacities and even if these are not enough for us, we will be able to produce products in another country.

Are you planning to enter the international market with your brand?

Yes, but not soon. Now our main goal is to become the number 1 company in Russia; This is already a very ambitious goal that will take us several years. We will make plans later.

Do you have any beauty rituals that you’re not ready to give up?

I will never give up on my beauty rituals. I care for my face, body and hair in the morning and evening. I always say I’d rather not eat breakfast or sleep, but I won’t leave the house without basic care. It’s the same with the evening routine: I always find the energy and time for makeup removal and standard beauty procedures. Most often the scenario of my daily life is this: I redo all my chores, put the kids to bed, and at night I go to the bathroom where my favorite jars are waiting for me. By the way, a little advice for workaholics; Beware of the power and strength of aromatherapy. It is very enjoyable to open a coconut flavored pouch and forget your troubles at the end of a tiring day. At least for a few minutes.

Is beauty external or internal?

Inner beauty creates outer beauty. And the opposite sometimes works too. Therefore, these are very interconnected things: If a person is beautiful on the inside, if his smile, facial expressions, eyes radiate warmth, positivity, joy, the outside automatically becomes beautiful too. On the contrary, when something goes wrong in our soul, it is enough for us to take a little care of ourselves, put ourselves in order, smile at our reflection, so that we feel better inside.

Share your views: What innovations will MIXIT release in the near future?

Our most anticipated launch at the end of the summer is decorative cosmetics created together with make-up artists. This is a strong decline that we have been working on for a year. These will be cosmetics that are very high quality, convenient and multifunctional to use, beautiful inside and out. With our products, absolutely every customer will be able to create the image he wants for himself. Since the series was created together with professionals, we are sure that all makeup artists will like it.

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