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In our opinion, body fat is still very undervalued. The reason is clear: Oil is absorbed slowly, leaving marks and causing clothes to become greasy.

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In general, all this is a thing of the past – modern body oils have learned to be quickly absorbed and work well with clothes, and at the same time literally lock moisture in the skin, making it soft, soft and smooth. So much so that no cream can compare.

We tested nearly twenty types of oils and selected three oils that not only meet all the necessary criteria, but also exceed expectations.

Virgin, Relaxing Massage Oil, The Act

Body oil Relaxing Massage Oil, The Act, 590 rub.

We, as the editorial office, have repeatedly declared our love for the brand The Act, and now we are ready to admit once again that they know a lot about cosmetics for skin care. The body oil from the Virgin line not only smells wonderful of sakura (cherry pit and silk, actually), but it also works great. Meanwhile, when it comes to the scent, it was created by blind perfumers, and The Act team encrypted the phrase “Blooming Garden” in Braille on the oil packaging. Very sweet!

Coming back to the product, it is impossible not to be pleased with its versatility: the extra virgin oil deeply relaxes, moisturizes, maintains elasticity and (athletes take note) gently relaxes the muscles.

And yes, try applying it to damp skin right after a shower; The oil comes into perfect contact with the water drops and you immediately see the effect of deep moisturizing. Confirmed.

By the way, if you are still hesitant about oil – The Act also has a body lotion in the Virgin line, start with it.

Overall, the series also requires familiarity as it is wrapped in one story and has been created in collaboration with the world-class resort Mriya Resort & SPA. Yes, yes, the place where fans of a luxurious and beautiful holiday will want to go. “Mriya” features the “Six Senses” Japanese garden, created by Shiro Nakane, the architect of the Japanese imperial gardens. It has become the central point of collaboration dedicated to beauty, emotions, enlightenment and purity of thoughts.

And if we still strive for purity of thoughts, then we have already achieved cleanliness and well-groomed skin.

Feel Good, Cultivator Cosmetics

Feel Good toning body oil, Grower Cosmetics, 1700 rub.

We have loved Grower cosmetics, a small but very beautiful and thoughtful hemp cosmetics brand, for many years. Although the brand has not expanded its product range to many positions, you can find everything you need for personal care here. This oil is excellently revitalizing and moisturizing due to the rosemary and lemon, as well as providing other benefits.

It perfectly relaxes the muscles of those who stand all day long, helps combat swelling caused by lymphatic drainage, and even aids venous flow. For those who love wearing heels all day long, this is definitely a must.

Coconut Oil, Ligne St. Barth

Body and hair oil Coconut Oil, Ligne St. Barth, 4420 rub.

Vanilla flavored cold pressed coconut oil is a multifunctional product. In addition to perfectly nourishing even the driest “lizard skin”, it also has a natural antibacterial effect.

By the way, it can also be used as a pre-shampoo, that is, by applying it to the hair before washing. In this way, it will soften unruly and excessively dry hair and make it thicker, shinier and smoother. In other words, you can save space in your luggage by taking less food with you when you go on holiday. Versatility is our choice.

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