10 products for easy combing of hair

Leave-in hair products are everything to us. It provides thermal protection to the strands, protects them from wind and sun, and adds shine and smoothness. Additionally, the hair becomes more manageable and the comb glides on its own. In this material, we have collected products (sprays, oils and creams) that help us save time and nerves and make combing our hair easier.

This tool really works like a perfect student; He does his best and always does his homework. The main ingredients in the cream formula are organic hemp oil and hyaluronic acid. Therefore, the cream moisturizes the hair, softens it and eliminates frizz.

The spray also moisturizes the hair and protects it from UV rays and exposure to hot weather. It can be applied to both wet and dry strands. In any of the possible options, the spray will make the hair more manageable and easier to comb.

The name of the Know Knott spray is translated into Russian as “Untied Knot” and personally we are absolutely delighted. The product really tames strands (even the wildest ones), making them more manageable and smoother. A mixture of argan oil and macadamia nut oil also helps him in this regard. It creates a weightless coating on the strands and gives them shine.

Hair oil from the Italian brand Hair Vital will provide good additional moisture to dry ends. The formula of the product contains argan oil and vitamin E. The first is responsible for nourishing and repairing the hair, the second helps strengthen the hair strands and prevent brittleness.

If you have curly hair that you are constantly trying to straighten, this spray… Your faithful assistant. Its formula includes a silicone complex that softens the strands, makes them smooth and protects against high and low temperatures.

The product, which has a light fluid texture, closes the hair cuticle and creates an invisible protection against environmental influences and the effects of styling agents. It also helps hair dry faster. To do this, apply the liquid to washed, dried hair and use a hair dryer or straightener.

This spray will especially appeal to those who love natural cosmetics and natural fragrances. When you apply it to your hair, the aromas of calendula, chamomile and cornflower echo around you. And the strands become brighter and softer.

The product formula contains four patented restorative complexes that restructure damaged areas of the hair, making the strands healthier and more manageable. Therefore, this spray is recommended for those with dry, brittle, dyed or bleached hair.

The cream creates an invisible veil that protects the hair from literally everything (sun, wind, and hot tools). Thanks to hydrolyzed oat proteins and glycerin, the product thickens the strands, making them more shiny and elastic. It is better to apply the cream to damp hair and then use a hair dryer or let it dry on its own.

We plan to take this product with us on vacation, since it is already universal. It can be used to moisturize body skin and dry hair ends without rinsing. Or go the other way; Apply oil before washing your hair. If the strands are not too damaged, leaving it for five minutes is enough, but for a deeper restoration it is better to leave it overnight. Then wash your hair.

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