5 ways to style your bob haircut stylishly

Bob is the most trendy and sought-after haircut of the season. The number of his fans is increasing day by day. For example, Sydney Sweeney recently cut her long hair, followed by Elle Fanning.

Elle Fanning. Photo: social networks

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of the haircut is its versatility. The bob can be styled to suit any outfit and mood. We learned from an expert how to create a classic, beachy and more romantic hairstyle.

Aiza Iliadzhieva, master of the hairdressing salon CULTURE

classic bob

Chloé Moretz. Photo: Getty Images

The clean-cut geometric bob is a timeless classic. To create a chic look like Chloe Moretz’s, apply a thickening spray or lotion to damp strands. They will then become heavier and static and can be dried with a hair dryer to brush them off. If your hair is not smooth and straight enough, you can correct the styling with a straightener after applying heat protection spray.

beach bob

Elsa Hosk. Photo: social networks

When you want to add natural simplicity to your beach style, just randomly knit braids of different sizes and densities. Apply mousse to damp hair, braid and let dry naturally or blow dry. After a while, unbraid them and apply sea salt spray or another stabilizer to the strands to highlight the texture.

romantic bob

Zendaya. Photo: Getty Images

This is one of the most popular styles of styles for lovers of soft and romantic looks. The easiest way to do this is with a hair dryer. I recommend applying a suitable spray to add volume to the roots, and liquid or mousse for curl stability at length. If you know how to brush your hair, you can also create these curls using the vertical curl method. The optimum brushing diameter is 33–37 mm.

Wet effect bob

Simone Tabasco. Photo: social networks

There are several options for a bold mood and a wet effect.

  1. Apply strong hold gel to damp hair and shape in the styling direction. For a smooth effect, it is better to use a flat comb. For a more comfortable method, your fingers are enough. Let it dry naturally or dry it with a hair dryer without an attachment at minimum temperature.
  2. Apply a generous amount of mousse to dry hair (in this case the texture will be less pronounced) and then fix everything with liquid hairspray. It will give the style a wet shine effect and greater durability.

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney. Photo: Getty Images

Sydney is the new owner of the famous mushroom bob and equally popular bangs. This is the easiest haircut to style. Split ends curl easily and look airy and light.

Apply root volume spray to the entire area of ​​​​the crown, dry the roots in different directions – it will be easier to do this with a tunnel comb. Special attention needs to be paid to this stage, as the volume will not last long if the roots are not dried well. Then apply the same spray or thickening liquid along the entire length of the hair and start drying from the lower occipital zone with a horizontal grip, shifting the brush from the roots to the ends. Work your way from the back of the head to the temples and then to the crown. Once your hair is completely dry, apply dry texturizing spray to create more volume and the same airy effect.

If you cannot brush so expertly, you can use curling iron. For this method, you need to apply a thickening product along the entire length of the hair, twisting the strands starting from the bangs and moving towards the crown, temples and then the back of the head.

At the end of any installation I recommend using a movable fixing varnish for safety.

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