Why do health problems start after age 40 and what should be done about it?

Dear reader, we present to you our beauty columnist Inessa Tsarkova.

Inessa is an active nutritionist, gastroenterologist, therapist, naturopath and aromatherapist, health coach, integrative medicine doctor with a holistic approach. And now he will share with us his knowledge in the field of both physical and mental health, nutrition and much more.

Today we will talk about aging and how “aging” is a process that should be addressed, not feared.

Inessa Tsarkova

Friends, we have good news for you: Actually, there is no such thing as old age! We don’t have to lose our health, attractiveness and energy as we get older. Moreover, our cells are designed to renew and heal themselves almost infinitely. They can do this thanks to our genes, which embody the principle of self-copying and replication. The genome contains encrypted information about both the cells themselves and all processes occurring in the cells.

Do you know that genes are infinite in nature? They came to us from our ancestors and will continue to live on in our grandchildren. Therefore, if cells are provided with the necessary resources (energy and building material) and their genomes are protected from damage, they are quite capable of providing us with eternal life.

So why doesn’t this happen?

Many scientists and philosophers agree that limited life spans of living things, including humans, are necessary for the evolution of species. Indeed, throughout life, various distortions and mutations accumulate in the genome, which may benefit our descendants in changing living conditions. Thus, it has been experimentally proven in numerous computer simulations, competitions between mortals and eternal beings: inevitably mortals win. Both the possibility of cells to live indefinitely and the reason for their aging lie in genes.

In the body, at the molecular level, genes are represented in the form of a DNA molecule folded into a compact structure (a chromosome). And chromosomes have denser end sections called telomeres, which protect them from damage and from attaching to other chromosomes. They can be compared to plastic protective covers that prevent the laces from unraveling. However, telomeres “sacrifice” their own structure by correcting errors and damage, protecting the chromosomes, and lose length over and over again. Thus, with each cell division and also under the influence of some external factors, telomeres shorten and cells eventually lose the ability to divide.

In 1961, anatomy professor Leonard Hayflick calculated the limit of cell division. This maximum number of divisions in a living organism is called the Hayflick limit (or limit). Typical human somatic cells can divide approximately 50 times. Moreover, it was possible to determine Life expectancy, from which the number of these segments is calculated, is about 120 years.

But it was also found that some stem cells, germ cells, and also cancer cells are able to secrete telomerase, a special enzyme that allows the length of telomeres to be restored. This ability makes them almost “immortal”.

So why do most people live much less than 120 years? Moreover, after forty years (or even earlier) their quality of life begins to decline?

Scientists were able to identify a number of factors that block the action of telomerase and accelerate telomere shortening. By influencing them, you can slow down or, conversely, accelerate the aging process of the body and significantly affect the quality and duration of life. These effects are clearly seen in identical twins, who begin to differ greatly in both appearance and the condition of their internal organs, depending on the lifestyle and diet they choose. It also turns out that a person’s thoughts and mental state can significantly accelerate or slow down the aging process and even “turn back the clock.” Remember how young a woman in love can look, or how young and energetic a man can look when things are going well or he feels inspired by the process.

Therefore, the fading of our skin, the decrease in energy levels and the development of diseases that occur in humans after 40 years of age are not due to the “programmed” processes of cell aging, but are “payback” for the wrong choice. components of their lives.

Therefore, to preserve youth, we must provide the cells and their DNA with the necessary resources and protect them from damage as much as possible. The resource needed by the cell is primarily fuel for energy production. Secondly, reliable batteries for its production. And thirdly, high-quality building material for regeneration, which can easily penetrate into the cell through the intercellular space.

The fuel for energy production is glucose, which is formed primarily as a result of the breakdown of carbohydrates in the gastrointestinal tract and is then absorbed into the blood, transported through capillaries and penetrates the cell with the help of insulin. Batteries are mitochondria, specialized cellular organelles that can store energy in the form of ATP molecules.

The quantity and quality of mitochondria will directly depend on the level of physical activity and the quality of the diet. Energy production in mitochondria occurs with the obligatory participation of oxygen. And its entry into the cell will be determined by the work of both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, its ratio with carbon dioxide and the composition of the inhaled air. The penetration of everything necessary into the cell will depend on how well and quickly it is cleaned.

After all, everything unnecessary and even harmful to the cell can accumulate in the space surrounding it (intercellular matrix), complicating or even disrupting its metabolism (metabolism).

The quality of the building material for the cells will depend on the nutrition. These are amino acids necessary for the construction of protein molecules and fatty acids for the formation of cell membranes. Also important is the amount and activity of enzymes and their components (vitamins and microelements), which ensure the successful occurrence of all biochemical reactions. The amount and activity of enzymes will depend not only on the quality of the food, but also on the composition of the microbiota living in the body (and primarily in the intestines).

Hormones also control processes in the body. And their work is directly affected by circadian daily biorhythms; This refers to the person’s compliance with the daily routine and quality of sleep.

The protection of our cells and their genetic material will depend on the ratio of damaging factors (the so-called effects of free radicals and oxidative stress) and protective factors (the action of antioxidants). The same damaging factors will contribute to telomere shortening and the accumulation of gene expression disorders. And gene expression is the very command that cells give to proliferate successfully and perform their functions.

However, it turned out that the most important role in all these processes occurring in the body at the cellular level is played by the nervous system and mental state of the person. It has been noted that chronic stress and depression significantly accelerate the aging process, while optimism, humor and joy help a person stay young.

When you go to the doctor or beautician with your complaint, do not believe them if they say that it is the effect of age. This is the effect of your lifestyle and diet, and you can fix it. Therefore, if you decide to prolong your youth and improve your health, despite the rapidly passing years, you need to make some adjustments in your life.

My dear readers, do not forget about the factors that contribute to the shortening of telomeres, decreased mitochondrial activity and, as a result, not giving our cells the opportunity to renew and rejuvenate:

  • Chronic stress and despair, loss of interest in life and feeling of uselessness;
  • Habit of going to bed late and not getting enough sleep;
  • Harmful addictions, especially overeating, love of sweets and drugs, smoking and alcohol;
  • Unconscious attitude towards foods full of chemical additives, “empty” calories in the form of added sugar, unhealthy fats and refined carbohydrates;
  • Dislike and inattention to your body: sedentary lifestyle, chronic spasms, excess weight;
  • Not paying attention to the toxic load and ecology of the surrounding space (for example, the quality of air, water and food, thoughtless use of toxic household chemicals, personal care products and cosmetics, not paying attention to the quality of household items and kitchen utensils, finishing materials) at home and from poisonous people, television and the Internet destructive programs that enter our consciousness).

The following will help us protect the telomeres and DNA of cells and rejuvenate the body:

  • Antioxidants from quality live foods (fruits, berries, green and fermented vegetables)
  • Cleansing practices at the cellular and conscious level (activation of lymphatic drainage and detoxification organs, meal breaks and “clean” nutrition, correct breathing and meditation)
  • Regular check-ups and monitoring of deficiencies (protein and iron, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins D and B, magnesium, zinc and iodine deficiencies can be detected after the age of 40).

At this age, it is useful to monitor glucose and cholesterol levels, blood pressure, weight and waist size.

We also need more vital energy and must learn not to lose it, but to accumulate it. And three main skills will help us in this:

  1. Daily care and increasing physical endurance. It is beneficial to regularly engage in various and popular physical education activities, brisk walking or dancing (at least 20 minutes a day).
  2. Promotes mental acuity and care for a young brain. Solving complex mental problems, playing mental games and just reading books (at least 10-15 minutes a day) will help in this.
  3. Support of social activity and a sense of need, the presence of emotional ties, friendship and love (and even passion), the presence of hobbies and interests.

It is important to be able to handle difficult situations with humor and look to the future or learn with optimism.

Our body and our life are our greatest treasures. And like all rare and valuable things, they need to be preserved and protected. And our life is a fascinating and exciting journey. And we ourselves can fill it with meaning, right thoughts and right actions!

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