7 beauty secrets that have kept Jennifer Aniston constant for years

Since the mid-1990s, Jennifer Aniston has been the main trendsetter of what existed at that time. No one could outshine her, whose iconic “Rachel” haircut sent girls running to the hairdresser and who copied the “Friends” character’s look to this day and still copies it (here’s proof).

Jen is on the small list of stars we love for their approach to aging. The actress speaks openly about skin care and is not shy about talking about mistakes. Remember his last confession, in a widely quoted interview with The Wall Street Journal. Aniston shared the story of how her beautician recommended her a facial using salmon sperm. True, the star was not sure of the effectiveness of the procedures performed.

Today, Jennifer Aniston turns 55, and we can say that the star looks great for her age, if not for the interview she gave to Vogue magazine. Aniston said these were the kind of compliments she couldn’t stand: “It’s a social habit to have signs like, ‘Well, you’re at this stage, so for your age…'” I don’t even understand what this means. I’m in better shape now than I was in my 20s. I feel better mentally, physically and spiritually.” And for this, the star works tirelessly on herself. We have compiled Jennifer Aniston’s top 7 self-care tips on her birthday.

Don’t underestimate healthy skin

Jennifer Aniston. Photo: social networks

According to Jennifer Aniston, she had really good skin during her Friends days. But then she wanted to look even better. “I inherited beautiful skin from my father,” she said. “But there’s something I have to tell my younger self: “Don’t accept this.” [здоровую кожу] It’s only natural because you have to support it. The next tip of the star (our favorite, by the way) is a logical continuation of the previous one and directly affects the quality of the skin.

SPF cream is our everything

“My biggest beauty regret is the amount of sunbathing I do without sunscreen. I say baby oil. What was I thinking!” she told Allure magazine. Yes, using baby oil instead of sunscreen isn’t a good idea. If only because baby oil doesn’t contain UV filters. Jennifer Aniston still loves bronzed skin, but she now relies on body tanners and tanning sprays.

Eat more foods rich in antioxidants

Jennifer Aniston. Photo: social networks

“I truly believe that eating sugar and junk food harms your face, your body, and your energy levels,” Jennifer tells Times Magazine. She indulges in sweets from time to time, but she tries to treat her body with respect and care. For example, the star has repeatedly said that her mornings usually start with celery juice on an empty stomach. He then drinks diluted apple cider vinegar to lower blood sugar and cholesterol. Another superfood for Jennifer Aniston is ginger. Rich in antioxidants, it improves appetite and digestive system function.

Do not wash your face for too long

What really surprised us was the cleanser selection. To do this, Jennifer uses…soap. She talked about this many times in interviews with various publications. To wash her face, she uses pharmaceutical hypoallergenic soap, which helps gently remove impurities and cleanse the pores. “I don’t wash my face for too long because I don’t want to wash away the good bacteria,” Aniston told Allure. After washing her face, she applies an organic nourishing care.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Jennifer Aniston. Photo: social networks

Another tip for Jennifer Aniston’s skin care: Swap your cotton pillowcase for a silk or satin pillowcase. Thanks to its soft, shiny material, it does not cause wrinkles on the skin, creases or tangles in the hair, unlike cotton. By the way, Kim Kardashian also uses the same beauty tip. The star has repeatedly said that she always sleeps on a silk pillowcase.

Take a scientific approach to skin care

Jennifer Aniston. Photo: Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston likes to take probiotics to maintain the balance of good bacteria in her body. In an interview with Allure, she said that she takes such supplements every day. From where? Jen, in her own words, is obsessed with skin health and has researched the subject thoroughly. Modern research shows that probiotics have great potential in the treatment and prevention of skin diseases such as eczema, acne, and diseases caused by allergic reactions.

Get rid of stress when you have time

Jennifer Aniston. A still from the movie “Divorce, American Style”

Aniston recommends a daily digital detox and meditation to help keep stress levels under control. He believes all of this matters in the long run. “I meditate for 20 minutes in the morning and evening. “I usually don’t have as much time as I would like, but when I do this right before bed, I fall asleep comfortably,” he says. By the way, read about how to meditate correctly here.

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