7 red flags for a manicurist: check if yours has them

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Choosing a good manicurist is as difficult as finding your hairdresser. Sometimes this process can even take several years. We decided to make your task easier and in this material we have collected signs called red flags that will help you immediately detect an unprofessional person. Of course, not without the help of a manicurist.

Ekaterina Muranova, leading technologist of the 4hands and Nails UP group of manicure and pedicure salons

Confusion at work

Safety is very important in manicure. And you can estimate how accurately the operation will be carried out before it even starts. You just need to pay attention to the master’s workplace. If there is a mess and the cutters are lying open, this is a good reason to think about how hygienic the manicure will be.

“Cutting and cutting tools should be in kraft bags, pre-disinfected with a special solution and stored in a dry oven. As a rule, kraft bags have an indicator; By its color you can tell whether the instruments have actually been disinfected, but it is difficult to focus on the color of the indicators because the color change itself depends on the brand used. Bought for the living room. Therefore, when opening a craft package, it is important for the crafter to note that the package is sealed and the tools have been removed from the edge. And consumables (files, buffs, napkins) must be disposable.” – says Ekaterina Muranova.

Inattention to nail health

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It is important for the master to pay attention to the condition of the client’s nails. There are a number of contraindications for doing a manicure.

“If the client has mycosis, onycholysis, burns on the natural nail plate, or any change in the color and structure of the nail plate, it is better not to apply coating. Also contraindicated are some types of onychodystrophy and hematomas, open wounds and changes in the skin of the periungual protrusions. – says Ekaterina Muranova.

Therefore, if an artist offers you a manicure despite any changes in the nail plate, this is a big red flag. A good specialist always puts the client’s safety and health in the first place.

Pain during the procedure

Normally, manicure is a painless procedure. Therefore, if you are constantly experiencing discomfort, for example, due to the incorrect use of the cutting technique by the master, too much pressure on the fingers, or a burning sensation when removing the gel with devices and cutters, and the expert says: it should be like this, it is necessary to think about it. And it is better to immediately run away from such a master, because lack of attention to the client’s emotions and comments is another bright red flag.

Short term results

The so-called flag, which turns red only after some time after the procedure. If dry cuticles, hangnails appear a few days after the manicure, and your hands look generally unkempt, this indicates that a specialist is not working professionally.

“A high-quality manicure should be done without leaving marks on the coating, which can occur when gel polish gets on the side rollers or cuticles. “Also, after the procedure, the manicure must be done without cuts, peeling or peeling,” he said. – comment Ekaterina.

Criticizing someone else’s work

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The master asked “How did you make such a thick coating?” comments made with logic. or “Why did they cut your nails here?” They can also tell you a lot. For example, about professionalism. It is wrong to discuss someone else’s work in front of a client. Unless the manicurist is your best friend.

exceeding personal boundaries

A rather paradoxical red flag that can work in both directions (both master and client). A manicurist needs to be a good psychologist to understand which customer to communicate with and how. But at the same time, one should never forget about professionalism – even if the relationship with the client has already developed into friendship.

Lack of communication with the customer

Pay attention to how the master files the form and what type of file he uses. If it has a coarse abrasive, such work will not be done professionally anyway. Moreover, a good specialist always communicates with the client, finding out his preferences in manicure.

“Every master must advise the client and tell him which procedures are suitable for his individual case. “The quiet work done without choosing the material, type of manicure and coating is not an indicator of quality and will be a reason to think about how good a manicure you will get in the end.” – says Ekaterina.

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