How to take care of your eyelash extensions to make them last as long as possible

Have you opted for eyelash extensions recently? Don’t forget that this method above all requires maintenance and a lot of attention to avoid contagions and disparities. We will explain everything to you!

That’s it, you just took the plunge and opted for eyelash extensions. Cold ! But if a pose lasts on average between 4 and 6 weekshowever, you should know that certain small daily gestures they can shorten or prolong their longevity. All this while preventing eye infections!

What to do to take care of your eyelash extensions


Opt for daily cleaning of eyelash extensions

Even if they are beautiful, well curled and don’t need mascara, cleaning your eyelashes every day is a necessity.

For what ? Because every day we face numerous attacks such as pollution, dirt and dust. Not to mention the sebum! All of these elements can they come to contaminate the eyes because they also bring back their share of bacteria.

To avoid this, clean every night before going to bed it’s a good initiative. But obviously you shouldn’t use the first shower gel that comes to hand… Because the eyelashes, be they synthetic, silk or any other material, they have very specific needs.

Opt for a cleansing foam without greasy substances

In order to clean your eyelashes properly, you can use a classic cleansing foam, making sure that its composition is adequate free of fatty substances – or rely on micellar water not two-phase.

But these options they remain less effective than formulas specifically dedicated to eyelash extensions ; Generally offered in foam form, they are gentle but effective at removing impurities from the lashes without having to scrub. That’s why beauticians often offer this option when applying or filling.

Use a bottle brush to brush your eyelash extensions

Sometimes you need to separate the lashes to do this regain a floating and light appearance. To do this, avoid using your fingers (even though it’s tempting) because they don’t offer enough precision! However, you can Arm yourself with a small bottle brush to pass it directly onto the eyelashes to brush them.

But be careful not to do it too often, as explained by Sabah Feroz, make-up artist and extensions expert discovered by Byrdie :

“The basic rule is to brush them only when necessary. »

The mass has been said!

What not to do when taking care of eyelash extensions

When it comes to eyelash extensions, there are more don’ts than dos! Here are the things not to do that are best remembered…

Apply water to the eyelash extensions without waiting 48 hours

When you just installed extensions, you should know that these they still remain fragile and only become stable between 12 and 24 hours after installation on average.

In the meantime things are getting better Avoid coming into contact with water for 48 hours. It’s a bit long, it’s true, but it’s the duration that must be respected to make sure that hot water, steam or products don’t get to take away your beautiful eyelashes!

Use an oily makeup remover (even if it’s great for your skin)

As we told you above, oily makeup remover is prohibited if you have extensions. For what ? Because oil destroys glue which holds the lashes in place. Simple enough !

Rub your eyes when wearing eyelash extensions

Even if the glue holds the eyelashes properly, rubbing the eyes too vigorously can tear and crack them irregularities in installation.

Apply waterproof makeup

Waterproof makeup is difficult to remove because it most often requires using an oil-based makeup remover and actively rubbing your eyes.

These two factors are the main enemies of eyelash extensions which, as you know, fear friction and overly aggressive oils. It is therefore best to avoid e favor kindness, as always!

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