10 nourishing creams for dry body skin

10 nourishing creams for dry body skin
10 nourishing creams for dry body skin

In summer, you can get out of the shower and spray your skin with a perfumed spray, but in winter this does not work. Dry indoor air, wind and cold force the use of artillery – a rich and nourishing cream that can be covered from head to toe. But you can be sure that after this ritual the skin will be softer and will not peel off too much.

An ideal cream for dry skin should combine the seemingly incompatible – a formula rich in nutritional ingredients and at the same time a light and quickly absorbed texture. Korff cream has both: chestnut extract and Chinese palm seeds help restore skin elasticity and firmness, and shea butter along with vitamin E moisturizes and softens the epidermis. Upon application, the cream melts into the skin and leaves no stickiness or film behind.

Over the past few weeks this cream has become the most talked about product on the internet and is a must have for true Slavic whores. They believe that a “Slavic girl”, whose aesthetics are now at the peak of popularity, should smell like this. For some, the scent of the lotion resembles the smell of incense and a wooden church, while for others it resembles coffee and chocolate liqueur. They’re both right. The perfume composition of the lotion is intertwined with coffee, chocolate, palo santo, incense and patchouli. Additionally, the aroma manifests itself differently on every skin. Personally, the smell of liqueur desserts reminds us. The lotion itself spreads easily on the skin, is quickly absorbed and moisturized, and its aroma lasts for four to five hours. Thus, it can easily replace perfume.

The Atoderm series combines products that relieve symptoms of dryness and itching, soothing skin prone to atopy and periodic eczema. In winter, it is especially important to support this type of epidermis in the form of products that moisturize and increase resistance to aggressive environmental factors such as dry air, cold wind and other companions of the winter season. Therefore, if you think that ordinary lotions do not benefit your skin, you should turn to products for atopic skin. The intense balm of the Atoderm series is just one of them.

There is another cream on our list that will attract the attention of those who like delicious scents. The Yuzu here, like other products from the Ostrikov Beauty Publishing brand, is bright, fresh, invigorating and stays on the skin for several hours. The butter cream contains natural shea and sweet almond paste and glycerin with allatoin. These ingredients work together to soften the skin, replenish moisture and protect against moisture loss.

The Icelandic brand uses the gifts of nature, with which the Arctic is rich, as the basis of its products. That is why you can find, for example, extracts of polar moss and gooseberry in the cream formula. These plants come from the harshest and coldest parts of the planet. Therefore, the ability to retain moisture helps them survive. This is what the extracts in the cream are responsible for – strengthening the skin’s natural lipid barrier and maintaining water balance. Another important component of the product formula is Arctic oils, which are rich in fatty acids and help nourish the skin.

We found the ideal solution for those who wake up in December with the desire not only to eat kilos of tangerines but also to smell them. Medi-Peel lotion has a green tangerine scent. The same component is also included. Young tangerine extract enhances the tonic effect, prevents skin aging, protects and fills it with vitamins and minerals.

Atopic products can also be used by people with normal skin. The main advantage of such products is their hypoallergenic composition, minimal side effects and versatility (enough to be applied to a baby’s skin). Avene balm is designed for very dry and irritated skin. It soothes the epidermis and moisturizes it for a long time. Balm is an excellent option for normal skin to get rid of flaking, and it is an indispensable product for atopic skin that keeps the skin comfortable.

Clarins balm has a light and unobtrusive fruity scent, a delicate texture and a formula based on shea butter, organic raspberry juice and tamarind acids (used as antioxidants in cosmetics). Due to the combination of these ingredients, the skin becomes more elastic and smooth. To increase the effectiveness and penetrating ability of the product, the manufacturer recommends warming a small amount of the cream in your palms – this way it will reach skin temperature and be absorbed faster.

This balm, like others used for atopic skin, can be classified as SOS products. Quickly relieves redness and peeling during allergic reactions or atopic dermatitis. It can be used by both children and adults and can be applied to any part of the body, whether on the skin of the hands or face. By the way, the balm has new eco-friendly packaging, you can now recognize it by its brown cardboard tube and white flat cap.

It is no coincidence that the balm “Lipobase” is so named – it contains a lipid complex that allows you to repair the damaged protective barrier of the skin and preserve moisture in its cells. Its formula contains panthenol, shea and coconut oils, urea, vitamins A and E; A combination that makes the skin soft, prevents dryness and keeps it moist for a long time.

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