Hailey Bieber shows how to do sparkly holiday makeup without going overboard

Hailey Bieber. Photo: social networks

Glitter makeup is a classic this holiday season. But it is quite difficult to apply bright shadows or glitters without the product falling off. Hailey Bieber also admits this. Over the weekend, the model appeared with perfect makeup: glossy eyelids, perfectly smooth skin, pink blush and Rhode gloss on her lips. And yesterday, Hailey shared her “before” photos and the story of exactly how she got this makeup look. After that we calmed down a bit.

Hayley applied the sparkly eyeshadow herself and this is what it turned out.

Glitter on half of the face is a common occurrence when creating bright makeup. Therefore, the first rule of makeup that you will use glitter or glitter is the less, the better. It is very easy to overdo the brightness, so you need to apply the shadows in a thin layer. It’s always easier to add than to remove excess (which is exactly what Hailey does).

A mandatory step before applying glitter eyeshadow is to prepare the eyelid. Eyeshadow primer or concealer is a great foundation to help your eye makeup last longer. The second step is to choose the glitter. If you want big shine, choose clear-based glitter; this option looks cleaner and fresher. A more subtle but intense shine can be created by using cream eyeshadows with metallic pigments. Use a thick brush to apply. This will help you control the amount of product and apply it evenly and accurately. If you want a more subtle shimmer, choose shimmer or loose pigments. It is most convenient to apply them with your finger rather than a brush – this way they will crumble less. And don’t forget the shadow base before applying.

If you can’t achieve the perfect, polished makeup look the first time, remember Hailey Bieber and know that you’re not alone in this. The important thing is to keep improving your skills, and if you don’t have time for that, make an appointment with a makeup artist.

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