Sarah Jessica Parker dyed her hair to look younger

Recently, Sarah Jessica Parker attended a party held in honor of her and husband Matthew Broderick at Kensington Palace. She looked particularly stunning in her flowing emerald green Elie Saab gown. But her hair deserves even more attention.

Coloring using the baby lights technique is the actor’s distinctive style, which he has not changed for many years. But lately, Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair has been looking lighter and shinier than ever. Colorist Gina Gilbert says there’s a reason for this. Shades of yellow are the perfect way to make your skin look brighter, fresher and highlight your key features. “Sarah has beautiful crystal blue eyes, which she accentuates with yellow highlights,” Gina said.

Sarah Jessica Parker is now 58 years old but looks much younger. This is a good example of how tinting can transform your complexion and give it a more youthful appearance. By the way, lightweight strings aren’t the only way to do this. We wrote about other “anti-aging” shades here.

Source: People Talk

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