The most beautiful star noses according to plastic surgeons: From Monica Bellucci to Robert Pattinson

Rhinoplasty is still one of the most sought after plastic surgeries. The nose is the part of the face that provides harmony. Width, the presence of a hump – elements, the correction of which can completely change the image of a person. It is not surprising that many stars resort to the help of plastic surgeons. We asked surgeons what are the most successful results of rhinoplasty among world celebrities and which noses are naturally beautiful.

Dmitry Skvortsov, plastic surgeon of the highest category, member of the European Rhinoplasty Society

Bella Hadid

The model had rhinoplasty at a young age and told her fans about it without hiding it. According to her, it was a hasty move, and as a result of the operation, she lost the so-called nose of her star ancestors.

Robert Pattison

If the surgeon’s job is good, it’s hardly noticeable. This means that the doctor takes into account the individual characteristics of the person’s face. You can understand this kind of filigree work by looking at Robert Pattinson. But still, a devoted fan can not be fooled – in the movie “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” the viewer can note that the nose of Pattinson’s heroine has a wide and noticeable curved septum, and he already does not have such features as he does in “Twilight”.

Scarlett Johansson

The girl was uncomplicated about her appearance in her youth, and up to a point she was absolutely sure that plastic surgery was unnecessary. But over time she changed her point of view and more than once. The star did not talk about rhinoplasty, but it is not difficult to notice the changes on her face: in her youth, the nose is much wider, “potato”, and now it is smoother and smaller.

Charlize Theron

A large number of roles in the cinema require the actor to perform different reincarnations. For Charlize Theron, this app looks familiar: the star gained weight, lost weight, cut her hair and changed her hair color. But the only constant point for him is naturalness. The actress’s nose is naturally straight and flawless.

monica bellucci

The facial features of the actor are so harmonious that they are completely invisible unless they have exactly the “correct” forms. Monica’s nose is slightly asymmetrical, with a slight hump and soft tip. But in the general features of the actor’s face, these nuances only add charm.

Vladislav Popov, doctor of aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery in the Platinental clinic

Ann Hataway

Anne Hathaway’s most precise rhinoplasty. By nature, the actress has a pronounced nose bridge, which is slightly tilted forward, removing the columella (a fold located between the nostrils – Approx. Ed.). During correction, the nasal ridge was slightly narrowed, the columella was reduced, and the shape of the tip of the nose remained unchanged. As a result, the nose has become more harmonious.

Kim Kardashian

At Kim Kardashian, rhinoplasty is performed in the classical technique, characteristic of the American school. As a result of the correction of the nose shape, the hump of the star was removed and the position of the tip was changed.

kylie jenner

The back of Kylie’s nose has become visibly thinner and more symmetrical. Also, the cambered tip has been corrected. Due to this, the nose has visually lengthened and the proportions of the face have changed for the better.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba definitely had a rhinoplasty and this is a great example of a “Disney” small and shapely nose. During trimming, the back became symmetrical and straight, and the tip became rounded, shrunken and raised.

Kendall Jenner

She got Kendall a delicate and beautiful rhinoplasty. He gently narrowed his back and again the slightly raised tip. This is an excellent result of the transformation of the face and the preservation of harmonious proportions.

Mila Kunis

When you look at the photos of Mila Kunis before and after plastic surgery, you may notice minor changes. Rhinoplasty aimed to reduce the volume of the tip of the nose. The rounded tip has gained a more pointed and smooth shape. The back of the nose most likely remained unchanged.

Source: People Talk

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