7 hair color trends this spring

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Spring hasn’t made its way yet and are you ready to sign up for a new coloring in the salon? Go ahead, but first see what tones and techniques are trending.

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Maxim Moiseev, hairdresser “Culture”

Color trends are now split between natural and ultra-bright hues. Therefore, they can be divided into several main trends.

natural shade

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Fiery brunettes are gradually transitioning to more natural, brown hair tones. A striking example among celebrities is Victoria Beckham and Selena Gomez. Stars have left the bright dark coloration period behind and switched to more natural options.

air touch technology

The Airtouch technique is suitable for girls who love the natural tones of their hair and are very jealous of the health of their hair strands, but also want to be brighter. However, the shade will flow smoothly from natural at the roots to lighter at the ends. By the way, this technique is especially fond of Jennifer Aniston.

Shatush or balayage techniques

With this staining, you can walk from 6 to 12 months. And probably this is the main competitive advantage over other technicians. Coloring is suitable for both light blond girls and brunettes. See how she looks on Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé for example.


Two contrasting blonde strands close to the face in the style of old school or hip-hop are suitable for those who are just starting out with coloring and do not want to go all out and paint the whole head.

red shade

The scorching, bright and mystical shade suits a certain type of girl who looks great with fair skin, freckles and green eyes.

Colorists of the Plyushch salon distinguish the following among the main trends in coloring this spring.

Cold shades of blonde

One of the most popular shades of blonde this spring will be ashy, Scandinavian and platinum. True, colors with a cold undertone are especially capricious in care – you will have to tint at least once every 1.5 months. Or join the regrowth roots trend.

baby lights technique

“Sunny Bunnies” add a special charm to the owners of blond hair. Masters can easily recreate it using the babylights technique. Usually this includes the upper layer of the hair, on which smooth color transitions are created. And you don’t have to wait until summer.

Source: People Talk

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