Everyone wants to get rid of them: why do Hollywood stars remove Bish’s lumps again, and is it necessary to repeat after them?

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Anyone who has followed at least a little bit of the trends of the last 10 years will probably think, “I’ve already seen this somewhere”. During 2014-2018, the popularity of plastic surgery to remove Bish’s lumps fell. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Victoria Beckham, Megan Fox were among the first stars to undergo the procedure with sunken cheeks and sharp cheekbones. And a few years later, plastic surgeons began to talk about the fact that the operation actually has its pitfalls – after removing Bish’s lumps, the face sags faster and completely “slips” with age.

Outside the window is 2023 and it seems that the circle of plastic surgery trends has closed – removing Bish’s lumps has again become a popular procedure among Hollywood celebrities. It all started when actress Lea Michele (who starred in Glee and Scream Queens) posted a selfie a month ago with noticeably sunken cheeks. The photo sparked controversy and a new list of suspects. Zoe Kravitz, Khloe Kardashian and Olivia Munn got into it. True, the stars themselves never mentioned the surgical interventions they underwent.

Take this material as a reminder that removing Bish’s masses is not the best operation at a young age and is still a recommendation when it can be done.

Where to find Bish’s tubers and why does everyone want to get rid of them?

Bish’s lumps are a dense accumulation of fat lumps, called the fat body, located in the area under the cheekbones between the mucous membrane of the cheeks and the skin of the face. They are responsible for the shape of the cheeks and are present in every person. And they got their name in honor of the famous French anatomist Bish.

Bish’s bumps have an important physiological function – they increase the tone of the cheeks and make it easier for babies to suck. And as children grow, the fat body protects their nerve endings from injury. Bish’s bumps for adults do not carry any functional load, they only give shape to the cheeks. With age, they decrease in size against the background of the growth of other tissues, remain the same size.

Buccal liposuction is a surgical procedure in which the fat pads are cut through an incision through the mouth. This creates a hollow and accentuates the cheekbones. As a result, the face looks more angular, slender, the cheekbones are sharp, in a word – in line with modern standards of beauty.

When is it better not to remove lumps of Bish?

The fashion for a triangular face directly influenced the demand for Bish’s procedure to remove lumps. As a result, the operation helps to quickly achieve the effect of sunken cheeks by reducing the volume in the lower and middle thirds. It cannot be said that this intervention is now as popular as it was a few years ago. Lyubov Gaeur says that the trend now is not the removal of Bish’s lumps, but their redistribution during the lifting of the middle third of the face. And in order to understand why the trend has changed, you need to understand what is the essence of the operation and what are the consequences.

Lyubov Gaeur, plastic surgeon, Ph.D.

“The surgeon removes Bish’s lump, which is a fat pack from an incision he made in the mucous membrane, and removes it in three operations. Thus, the volume in the middle third of the face below the zygomatic region is reduced.

Anatomically, the Bish fist is involved in tissue retention. With age, the skin becomes less elastic, fatty tissues become thinner, and the face “floats” down. Without Bish’s lumps, over the years there may be an acute shortage of fat volume. Then the patient’s appearance will become even more exhausted, tired. Therefore, it is better not to remove Bish’s lumps unnecessarily, but only to move them to the place where you want to add volume, namely to the zygomatic region. And for the best effect, you can use lipofilling.

When is it possible?

The statement that Bish’s lumps cannot be removed by anyone is false. According to Lyubov Gaeur, the indication for surgery may be the middle and lower third of the patient’s face, but, on the contrary, thinness is the main contraindication to surgery.

In addition, for the best result of the operation, you can use lipofilling – correction of facial contours.

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