This hair wax bar tames all those unruly hairs (and it’s already going viral)

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grandparents, baby hair… everyone calls it a different way, but we all know what we mean: that one small hairs that always remain out of our collection, both in the neck or behind the ears, and in the front. Come on, that one very crafty person is trying to make a bow or a high gloss ponytail that is fabulous and suddenly you see them, they are like gray hair, lurking and peeking out when you least expect them. Also there is never a human way to tame them, no matter how much you try to fix them, as soon as a little air blows they come out again. Either that or, in the case of the neck, you place a hairpin that can ultimately be seen from miles away.

The fight against baby hair it has become quite a challenge whose solutions have ranged from clip-style accessories with U-shaped barrettes that blend into the hair – this only works for the back of the head – to fixing combs that promise to stick the hair to the scalp. Nothing new on the horizon until she arrived: the viral wax rod that keeps the “grandparents” in check.

It’s about stick wax Tigi bed heada product that is super easy to use thanks to its stick format, which allows you to do just that apply it directly to the hair without any effort. It is soft and flexible, leaves no residue and can be used on both wet and dry hair. With it you can arrange absolutely everything baby hair that dare to look inside your hair, fight frizz and add shine to your hair for a salon-worthy result. You can currently find it on Amazon and its price is 12.44 euros.

But it’s not the only option on the market. The brand OneWord, for example, has also released its own stick wax to tame frizz both along the front hairline and on the nape of the neck. The texture is fine for a non-greasy result and medium hold, it helps to moisturize the hair and ensures that no hair moves. Contains natural ingredients such as beeswax and avocado oil, perfect for not irritating or damaging the scalp. In this case, the price is 9.99 euros.

Avlon KeraCare It also has a wax bar for straight, wavy or curly hair. It is soft and versatile, with an optimal texture for flexible support. Perfect for taming frizzy hair and creating multiple effects on hair without weighing it down. You can get your 75g stick for 27.99 euros.

Now that you have the keys keep the hair under control without the need to fight each baby hair nor fill your hair with products from styling or get your hands dirty, now you can create all those polished updos you’ve been wanting. Let’s go!

Source: Marie Claire


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