Trend Manicure 2023: Clean Girl Aesthetics, Barbicore and Micro French

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Last year was the heyday of manicure trends of the 90s and 2000s in more modern interpretations – remember at least the variations of a jacket (from micro to two tones) or chrome nails. But there were also completely new trends that conquered us. One of them is the “glazed” manicure, whose ancestor is Hailey Bieber.

The beginning of the new year is the best time to find out what trends in nail art will be left behind in 2023.

Aesthetics of a “naive girl”

“You know these girls who always look ‘clean’? Their skin is always radiant and their lips shiny. They never look like they’ve worn too much makeup.” A beauty blogger on Tik-Tok starts her video with these words. It was the first post to be posted under the hashtag “clean girl aesthetics” (“clean girl aesthetic”) and formed the basis of the trend. Makeup without makeup, manicure without manicure and other reviews – all these trends put natural beauty in the first place, starting with health from the inside. The ideal nails in this aesthetic are short, bare, minimally designed nails.

chrome accent

The appearance of chrome manicure in our life (again) is directly related to the series “Euphoria” and the main nail artist Natalie Minerva. After the scene in one episode where Maddy (played by Alexa Demi) plays with long purple-metallic nails, the number of requests for such a manicure skyrocketed. This year, metal elements will remain, but in the role of additions or accents to the main design.

“Cat’s Eye”

Life certainly hasn’t prepared us for the return of the cat-eye manicure. The secret of its popularity is due to the fact that it appeared at the right time and with the right name. Firstly, autumn – a period when you want to surround yourself with soft and comfortable fabrics to the maximum and never leave the house again. Secondly, the name “cat’s eye” was changed to “velvet” manicure. This year it will continue to be popular and take new forms.

micro french

Every year Pinterest analyzes user searches and predicts trends for the next year. So, according to the company’s reports, 2023 will be the time to move away from maximalism and return to minimalism – shorter hair, eyelashes, nails. And one of the main trends in manicure will be microfrench – last year the number of search queries for it increased by 235%. By the way, this design also fits the “clean girl” aesthetic.

with aura

No, esoteric practices haven’t taken over the beauty industry so much that they’ve even come to manicures. The energy emitted by a person and the design “by the aura” have in common only the name and appearance. In manicure, it is depicted as a round, multi-colored gradient with light shadows in the middle and darker shadows at the edges, imitating an energy field. Usually an airbrush is used to create it, and the colors don’t have to reflect your aura, but it’s a great way to let everyone around you know how you’re feeling.

aesthetic barbecue

Barbie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, will premiere in 2023, so you can bet the barbicore aesthetic will shine with new shades of pink. By the way, you should not attribute all the trumps to the movie – Pierpaolo Piccioli’s spring-summer 2022 Valentino Pink collection also influenced the popularity of the trend. The movie will hit theaters this summer, the perfect time to dive into the world of all things pink.


The layering trend has reached the manicure. This is the opposite of the “clean girl” aesthetic. A manicure of different design elements is a trend for those who love maximalism or cannot stop at one thing forever. In our opinion, the best combinations are rubbing and French, chrome accents and manicure “according to the aura.”

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