TV show: Telethon, Cameroon – Brazil… what should we watch on TV tonight?

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Telethon evening, Cameroon – Brazil football match, action movie Ambulance and drama Philadelphia… Here is the Télé 7 Jours selection for Friday, December 2, 2022, prepared by the editorial team.

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telethon 2022 will follow at 21:10 France 3. Sophie Davant and Cyril Féraud orchestrate this evening dotted with colorful and spectacular numbers: the mysteries of mentalism, splendid magic tricks, dances and athletic prowess, circus acrobatics, confetti storms or hits from the greatest musicals. Around this year’s sponsor, Kev Adams, guests will highlight the triumphs of 35 years of research.

at 19:50 TF1 football match has started Cameroon – Brazil. Deprived of Neymar, Brazil defeated Switzerland in the second match with Casemiro (1-0). Guaranteed to finish first in their group, Seleção may face Cameroon with Brazilian coach Tite, who wants to change his squad. Cameroon, Serbia and Switzerland all three have a chance to continue the adventure if the Brazilians take first place in Group G and second place continues to be synonymous with qualifiers. Luckily, Brazil, Serbia and Switzerland had already found themselves in the same pool in 2018. The Brazilians finished first, ahead of Nati.

channel+ Presents action movie at 21:10 Ambulance With Jake Gyllenhaal. When Will, a former soldier, needs to find $231,000 for his wife’s last chance surgery, he turns to his adopted brother Danny, a notorious criminal, for help. As support, he offers to take part in a bank robbery with $32 million in loot instead. Unfortunately for them, their plans don’t go as planned. Forced to leave the scene in a hurry, they take the passengers of an ambulance, a seriously injured policeman and a nurse hostage, and embark on a chase with the Los Angeles police on their trail…

We complete the drama of this choice Philadelphia 9pm with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington France 5. Andrew Beckett, a bright young lawyer working for a large law firm, is entrusted with a crucial case. This blessing is soon followed by his brutal dismissal. Andrew is under no illusions. His boss, Charles Wheeler, fired him not for abuse of power, but because of his sincere hatred of homosexuals and learning that he was HIV-positive. Confident with the law against discrimination, Andrew files a lawsuit and entrusts his interests, prejudices and conformism to Joe Miller, a young black lawyer whose interests he are slowly undermining. However, his health condition inevitably deteriorates…

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