This sofa on flash sale blew up all the counters for the French Days Cdiscount

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Cdiscount French Days takes place from Friday, September 23 to Monday, September 26. The offers are multiplying on the online sales site. For example, you can find the Hamilton reversible convertible corner sofa on sale for less than 510 euros instead of 824 euros thanks to the double good plan.

most Hamilton reversible sleeper sofa Ideal for 4 people. Its dimensions are 244 x 151 x 90 centimeters. It is designed with solid pine and beech wood construction as well as chipboard and plywood supported by black plastic legs. It is a sturdy yet stylish sofa. The corner of this sofa also has a storage box, which is particularly practical for storing your throw pillows, cushions and other duvets. Cleverly thought out, you can easily change the side angle to suit your room layout. Besides being a sofa, it can easily become a bed. It is simple to use and allows you to get a large bed of 201 x 133 cm, which can accommodate 2 people for the night. Functional and comfortable, this convertible reversible corner sofa will decorate your interior and allows you to sit or lie down comfortably thanks to its soft fit and gray 100% polyester fabric.

Corner convertible sofa for sale for less than 510 Euro thanks to promo code

At cdiscount, the Hamilton convertible reversible corner sofa is cheaper on the occasion of the French Days. These are even two good plans that can be combined. At first, you get an instant discount that lowers the price to 559.99 euros instead of 824 euros. And during Cdiscount French Days, you have the opportunity to save another 50 Euros by adding promo code 50DES499 Cdiscount.

The final price of this reversible corner sofa is therefore 509.99 euros on the online sales site. Cdiscount members can save even more at any time with promo code 60DES499 for a sofa under 500 Euros. It costs 29 Euros per year to become a Cdiscount member with 6 trial days offered for any new subscription. Free and unlimited express delivery, promo codes, all-you-can-eat kitty and many other perks are all part of the CDAV good plans during the French Days Cinder.

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