"Either you offer me two prime time regulars here." : Matthieu Delormeau wants a big promotion from Cyril Hanouna! (VIDEO)

On September 22, Matthieu Delormeau requested two prime times from his boss, Cyril Hanouna, or threatened to leave the channel!

Years pass and Matthieu Delormeau remains loyal to Cyril Hanouna. TPMP columnist, who hosts TPMP People once a week on C8, took a one-year hiatus from 2020-2021″experience new adventures on television, radio, on stage or on a movie set”as he said Parisianbut a year later, it’s still in the same place.

That’s why Canal is making such a good comeback on the group channel, while the handsome blonde is a bit too “pressure pulse” to your boss, this Thursday, September 22. He complained: “I’ve been around for about eight years, eight years you say I’m the best, eight years you say I’m a hope, eight years I’ve been riding and I haven’t taken off”.

And to add a menacing tone (and not at all serious): “So you give me two regular primetime shows here and I’m out or I’m out somewhere else on another channel”. A request that made everyone on set laugh out loud, especially as Cyril Hanouna’s so self-assuredness encouraged him to take his things and go abroad, being careful not to overstep the wall during the maneuver!

Baba, a handsome player, later entered the game and asked his faithful friend: “I got you a great show. Who else has a weekly schedule here, who?” And Matthieu Delormeau will complain: “I am like you, from the seed of the great”, one day replaces the star C8 as it passes your wish. Only this.


Source: Programme Television

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